Welcome to Embrilliance

Welcome to Embrilliance

Hello, I’m Brian Bailie. Welcome to Embrilliance!

Embrilliance software is Fun and Easy.

We run on Windows and Mac OSX.

Embrilliance Essentials

Embrilliance Essentials

You are smart and creative. YOU CAN DO THIS! Enjoy reasonable pricing on software you’ll actually Love to Use! We even guarantee it with a 90 day refund policy if you buy it from us in our online store. No worries. No hassle.

If you’re new to embroidery, or just want to see your designs, check out our world-famous Embrilliance Thumbnailer! At $44.95 it may be the best deal in the embroidery world.

While you’re here, check out Embrilliance Essentials! At $149 it does more than programs costing thousands of dollars. But it is priceless because you will love it. This program has become incredibly popular and we thank our growing worldwide community of Embrilliant embroiderers!

Looking for more? AlphaTricks, Density Repair Kit and Enthusiast will help you kick it up a notch!

Have a Mac and a machine that uses embroidery cards? Our FREE Emboxer program will read and write those cards on a Vikant Ultimate Box. Yes. Free.

Please join us in the Forum for free embroidery designs, FAQs and more. When you’re ready to buy, please use our secure online shop.

Happy Stitching!


PS: We’re proudly made in the USA but are friends with our distributors and customers worldwide.


-- A Random Happy Thought --

"I was doubtful whether or not Thumbnailer would give me any more capabilities than what Organizer in 5D provides. Well, the doubt is gone! For me, there is no comparison between the two applications. Thumbnailer works instantaneously by a drop down menu option which, once selected, remembers so that every time you return to the folder, it automatically displays the designs in thumbnail view without having to go to the drop menu again. I have tons of designs and a folder can contain 200+ designs. One click on the drop down menu option and "boom!", designs immediately appear as a thumbnail. I LOVE thumbnail." Posted on Embrilliance Forum
Regarding Thumbnailer