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AccuQuilt GO! Applique Collection 1

GO! Collection Files

With cooperation from AccuQuilt we have created a set of interactive embroidery designs that work with Embrilliance Platform titles including Essentials, Enthusiast and StitchArtist (all levels).

(These files require a serial number and version 1.156 or later of the program)

There are several videos available to go with this collection which we’ve posted to YouTube:

Embrilliance AccuQuilt GO! Playlist

How to Install BX Files PDF

We have also published some starter projects for you to enjoy:

Have fun using your AccuQuilt GO! dies with the interactive designs!

To install a BX file, download and unzip it. Then simply double-click the BX file or drag-and-drop the unzipped file onto the program’s main view. There is no need to ‘uninstall’ any prior version.

These files include the latest die art changes from AccuQuilt. Some of those dies have had their corner-cutting improved, and this resulted in slight changes in the art over the years. Our work matches the current artwork supplied by AccuQuilt.


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