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Do you have people who follow you, ask for sewing advice or run an embroidery blog? If you do, we’d like to hear from you. Embrilliance is easy, fun, affordable and it is sweeping the social scene. And we would love to help you both grow your audience and give you something to promote that is worth your while. We even have an active affiliate group.  Please Contact Us!


Are you a digitizer? Do you digitize fonts? Our .BX format supported by both Embrilliance and Designer’s Gallery gives your customers superb access to your designs with less tech support and proper conversions done as needed. We offer free software options to your customers, and we do all the work getting your files ready for distribution.

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If you are a sewing machine dealer, quilt shop, fabric shop or reseller, we’d love to hear from you too. And you can buy goods through our distributor, Tacony on your current account. For MAP pricing, images and news, please use the Contact Us link above. We look forward to having you join our wonderful international group of dealers helping their customers learn and grow with Embrilliance.

Welcome to Embrilliance!

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-- A Random Happy Thought --

"I was doubtful whether or not Thumbnailer would give me any more capabilities than what Organizer in 5D provides. Well, the doubt is gone! For me, there is no comparison between the two applications. Thumbnailer works instantaneously by a drop down menu option which, once selected, remembers so that every time you return to the folder, it automatically displays the designs in thumbnail view without having to go to the drop menu again. I have tons of designs and a folder can contain 200+ designs. One click on the drop down menu option and "boom!", designs immediately appear as a thumbnail. I LOVE thumbnail." Posted on Embrilliance Forum
Regarding Thumbnailer