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Australian (Oz) Editions

These are full downloads for all the products. They also UPDATE an existing versions.
Looking for a Demonstration version?

Visit the official Echidna Update Page

Embrilliance platform Australia (Oz Edition):

The ONE download for: Express, Essentials, AlphaTricks, Enthusiast, Density Repair Kit and StitchArtist.

Mac OSX: Embrilliance 1.159 (.pkg)      Mac PDF      Mac Help

Windows: Embrilliance 1.159 (.zip)      Win PDF       Win Help

If you can’t unzip, use this link: Embrilliance (.exe)

Use the menu “Help->Serial Numbers…” to add your serial numbers. Click ‘Set’ after each.

Notes about this Downloads Page:

All Embrilliance programs use the same download for an Update or a New purchase. So if you are looking for an update, use the links above. If you are looking for a full version, such as a new purchase, use the links above.

.ZIP files are more readily accepted by web browsers than .EXE files on Windows. However, if your browser will let you, using the .EXE can save you a step in performing an installation.

-- A Random Happy Thought --

"One of the student Ann P. had sung your praises for helping her with her computer issues in getting Convert It Mac to run correctly. She was very impressed by the time you spent with her on the phone helping her. I also sung your praises to the group. Just another reason to get the software."
From Shannon S
Regarding Support