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Conversion / Cataloging

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:54 pm
by Admin
I have a new MacBook and a Brother embroidery sewing machine. A
friend has Designer's Gallery studio+. Does Embrilliance or
MacConvert replace that or is it the same or better or what?
Convert It, Mac is another product that we make. It is similar to Designer's Gallery Studio Plus, but is quite different in features. The one feature that it does not have is the catalog. We are deciding if that goes to Embrilliance or CIM.

However, for Mac users, Convert It, Mac is essential. OSX will add hidden files as it writes floppies and USB devices. Those files can prevent the embroidery machines from seeing the designs. Also Designer 1 users of both floppy and USB need to have a special set of files written, which CIM does create. CIM also has Color Sort and AutoBaste which are popular features.

And the CIM program currently comes with a copy of Thumbnailer. So you can view designs while browsing folder in the Finder.

So CIM is easily regarded as a Must-Have program for any embroiderer using a Mac, whether they also run Fusion/Paralells/Windoze or not.

Re: Conversion / Cataloging

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:17 pm
by cklar
Just a comment: I have mixed feelings on cataloging. I teach Designer's Gallery StudioPlus and Studio III. I personally think the catalog is a very useful feature, but it is my experience that it is very confusing for some people. I have had several people who do not understand what it is. They have religiously backed up their designs, because they are very important to them. On the other hand, they don't back up the catalog file, itself, and some have lost it because of a disk failure or a new computer, etc. Unless I have someone who is very computer literate, I have lately been telling people to make duplicate copies in various folderson the hard drive, such as "Frogs" and "Golf" for a golfing frog. Since hard drives are very large and embroidery files are tiny, it's not an issue.

Re: Conversion / Cataloging

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:37 pm
by Admin
We understand that cataloging is not for everybody, which is why it isn't in Essentials. Everyone has their thoughts on this. However we are thinking it is better to have it than to duplicate designs in multiple folders.

Also, the issue of losing a catalog file is now a dated problem, even with Designer's Gallery Studio; if you backup anything at all (like, the designs) they will be in the Documents folder, which is where your catalog file would be too. So in today's world, the catalog file(s), being kept with the designs, will live or die with those designs. So if the whole hard drive dies, what matter if the catalog database is lost? The designs won't be there.

And it's still useful, if you're inclined to organization at all, to keep your designs in folders representing the source (ie: Adorable Ideas). This also avoids naming conflicts.

How about one of those online backup services? Get one of those. Then all is well, regardless of which approach you take.

Re: Conversion / Cataloging

Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:11 pm
by sandimacd
I know I can use my MAC to add tags to files, color code files, save searches etc so I never understand the value of a catalogue, thanks for explaining. Have you found a "home" for that feature yet? I think I would like to try it out.
I have CIM but truthfully haven't used it much as I am super organized with folders and sub-folders. But my embroidery collection is growing and now I have to deal with both jef and pes files as well as designs by type, function, creator, etc.
I also have Essentials and I think I would prefer to have the catalogue ends up there.
Sandi in MT