Designer 1 Reads Only 1st 2 "Disks" from Disk Utility

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Designer 1 Reads Only 1st 2 "Disks" from Disk Utility

Post by MindyW » Wed May 20, 2015 10:37 pm

I am trying to make a Designer 1 stick using Designer 1 Disk Utility in Embrilliance Essentials.

The process seems to work well, and the software writes the files to the stick in the "Disks" (up to 12) and "Menus" (up to 4 within each disk) which I have specified. I make sure no more than 30 design files are in each "Menu" so none get dropped off. Today I made a stick with all 12 "Disks" containing 3 or 4 Menus of design files.

The problem is once I write to the stick, and then insert the stick in my Designer 1, the machine indicates that only 2 of the 12 "Disks" contain designs. The other 10 disks (after Disks 1 & 2) are grayed out and cannot be selected. What happened to all the designs in the other 10 "disks?"

I'm thinking the problem is one or more of the following:

1. The USB stick is simply too big for the Designer 1 to handle. I cannot locate any sticks to buy less than 8 Gb these days, and the D-1 was designed to read sticks less than 1 Gb.

2. The USB stick is too "fast" for the D-1 too handle. Is this possible?

The designs I loaded onto the stick were all designs that came with the Designer 1 or its predecessor, the #1+, so I don't think the stich files are too big for the machine. I also cleaned off the flash drives I was using so that nothing exists on it except the .BIN files generated by the Designer 1 Disk Utility in Emb Essentials.

Can anyone explain why the Designer 1 is reading only the first 2 "Disks" on the stick generated by Disk Utility?

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Re: Designer 1 Reads Only 1st 2 "Disks" from Disk Utility

Post by sewinglady51 » Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:54 am

Mindy, I reported that same issue awhile back. To my knowledge Brian is working on this problem. I also have Embird and this issue does not happen when writing designs in their software. Also in Essentials the name of the individual disks is also renamed. I have the original USB that came with my machine and only disks 1 and 2 show after writing to it in Essentials. In the meantime I would suggest saving your designs to Disk 1. Disks 2,3,4,5 and 6 are the original programmed fonts and sample designs. Even though when you read your USB in the D1 it only gives you the choice of Disk 1 and 2 all of the fonts and sample designs are still there! Smaller USB's can be purchased on line. Also it is highly recommended that you do not store all of your designs on the USB that you use to read and write designs for use in your machine. Too many have found out the hard way after losing all their designs to computer crashes. When I first started I made back ups of my designs every couple of weeks on CD's. Now I do that on external hard drives, several USB's. Is it overkill probably but I won't be out all my designs. I really like Essentials to use. In fact I have it installed on my Windows 8.1 Asus Vivo Tab.

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