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Designs on CD

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:15 am
by Mac
Sometimes we buy designs that are shipped to us on a CD. This works out OK if the designs are simply files on the CD as both Windows and Mac users can use the CD in their computer. With the CD in their computer the files can be moved to a particular folder, such as Embroidery, for later use. The CD can then be put aside.

But what happens if you receive a CD of designs and all you see on the CD is something like "Designs.exe" ?

In this case, "Designs.exe" is a self-extracting archive (SFX for short). (See this Wikipedia entry: for historical and technical details).

A SFX in .exe format is easy for a Windows user ... just double-click, a program will run and the designs will be extracted and stored on the local hard disk. You will most likely be prompted to choose a location to store the designs.

But what if you are a Mac user and receive a CD containing a SFX in Windows format, i.e. a "Designs.exe"?

As a Mac user this SFX is unusable; you have no way to run the "Designs.exe" and extract the designs. Your only recourse is find a machine running Windows and do the extraction there. Then, copy the designs to a USB drive, for example, and take them to your Mac.

Just to note, there are Mac formats of SFX but we do not generally see designs distributed on CD in a Mac SFX format.