Transferring Fonts from PC to Mac

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Kelly Jo
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Transferring Fonts from PC to Mac

Post by Kelly Jo » Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:29 pm

I saved the Imported Fonts folder from the Embrilliance folder on my PC to my external drive. These files that were once bx files now say bf and lf. When I try to drag and drop them it looks like they are going but nothing is added. The files are not recognized by the mac so it turns the icons into a black box that says in lime green exce when I change the file endings to bx it changes the icon back to the normal white but when I drag and drop it the file box pops up and says no files were added. Help would be greatly appreciated. I know going from one pc to another one I could copy the files and put them in the new embrilliance folder without dragging and they would show up on my program. Is that possible with the mac? Where is the folder found?


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