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Switching from PC to Mac

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 3:30 pm
by lmel
I am planning on switching all my embroidery stuff (including Embrilliance) from an old PC of my husband's to a not-quite-as-old Mac laptop. I can't seem to find info on what I need to do. Will I just (re)install my Embrillaince modules on the new computer as though I'm a new purchaser of the software? Then I guess I move the files over, but I have no real ida how to do that. Is there a *checklist* somewhere for people doing this to make sure everything is done properly? Also, I know there is an update to Essentials that I have not downloaded on the old PC b/c I'm a little worried that it might just exlplode! Haha! I assume I can just download the newest Mac version? My hope is that when I make this move, not only will things like file access be more intuitive but that I will be able to have cloud backup which I do not right now. That said, anything I watch for as I move over unbacked up stuff? Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me assistance!