New 1.092 update

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New 1.092 update

Post by MacStitch » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:10 am

The latest Mac update is wonderful! Now, I can double-click a file (even from my database) and Essentials will open (not crash!) and display the file in a new document with its name. If I double-click multiple files, each goes into a separate file (instead of on top of each other). I can now copy a design (or a part of a design) and paste it into a new document without a crash. I love the new basting stitch - I can make a basting stitch around the whole design or just an object. And, the program no longer saves over a file without asking.

But, I loved the program even before the updates:
The object tree is so useful!
I love the ghost mode; the ability to resize just part of a design; the ability to easily and precisely resize the whole design; the screen calibration (wonderful); the alignment tools, the extremely flexible stitch simulator; the unlimited background color choices......

Most of all, I love that it runs on Mac. I've been an Apple user since the beginning of 1978. Although the Windows program that I have been using is very good, I much prefer the Mac and Embrilliance Essentials!

If I were to state everything I like about the program, I'd be duplicating the advertising material (or the manual) -- really love it all.

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