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Wish List

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:45 am
by QuiltChick
I'm relatively new to your software but LOVE LOVE LOVE it so far. I've found a few features I wish it had though (some are borrowed from my machine manufacturer's software).

1. A notes/description field for each embroidery file. Why? Because I'm anal retentive and like to note where each file came from, and in case I ever decide to sell things made with my embroideries, I'll know where the image came from & what the copyright/licensing stuff is. I organize each file by category (and some images are in multiple categories - like a dog wearing an elf hat would be in my Animals folder as well as my Christmas folder). And after awhile, it gets harder to remember where each individual file came from - a brief notes field would help. It doesn't have to be a long field - just long enough for "Emb. Library, can sell items" or something similar.

2. As others have noted, the ability to print a catalog of images would be superb. I do not print out real-size templates prior to embroidering but would like to be able to print in 2 other ways. One would be a catalog, with 6-8 images per page with basic info about each image. Basic info would be - embroidery size, number of color stops, thumbnail of image, file name. I'd also like to be able to include a title or file path on the page (as well as page number for multiple pages) The other way I usually print my images, esp. for ones that are more involved with color changes, is 1 image, with all the color/thread changes listed in order. I use this printout when I'm actually at my machine - crossing out each color change after i've swapped the threads. I like to make sure i've got all my threads lined up in order and when an image has quite a few changes, it can get confusing quickly (esp. if I get distracted by a dog needing to go out, the hubby asking me a question, etc). The image on this sheet doesn't have to be "to size" - in fact, I just need a larger thumbnail with all the color changes on a single page - with a color sample, thread number/manufacturer in a decent sized font - none of this microscopic stuff that I need to dig out my reading glasses to see. This sheet also helps when I'm changing a specific thread color "on the fly" - or just for a specific project but didn't take the time to change the actual thread color in the original design file and re-save it (if that makes sense). Handwriting on a printed sheet saves time for quicker, one-time only color swaps.

3. Digitizing. I know I've read elsewhere in the forums that you're working on a digitizing package. Can't wait for this to come out (as my machine's original software package is no longer supported by the maker and I'm not convinced I liked it enough to spend the bucks for the latest version). Features I'd love to see -- better documentation that the system I have currently. I don't need manuals that simply walk me thru "do this. then do that". I want to know the why's of what I'm doing - so if i want to go back and do something different, i have a clue how to do that. Yes, step-by-step for a specific sample image/outcome is helpful, but include another section in the docs on the icons/options and what they do in some detail. (and can you tell i write documentation for a living, so it's my pet peeve when I see poorly done docs!)

I want to be able to take a .jpg image that I've drawn freehand or used Photoshop, Illustrator or the like, and convert it to an embroidery file. I'd like to be able to choose the outline stitches (length/density), and choose density/pattern/color for the areas within the outlines. I do not see the need to convert actual photos or be able to machine cross-stitch with a digitizing package at this stage in my embroidery life. I'd like the computer to sense the different areas of the design and allow me to tweak the areas if it didn't quite get them right.

I'd LOVE to be able to also design applique projects. Ultimately, I'd love an add-on package (or the ability to do it myself) to encompass the dies I've purchased for my Accuquilt Studio Cutter. I'd love to be able to pull up a file that is the outline (applique tack-down lines, if you will) of a specific die, then add my own satin stitching outlines/color and perhaps some custom embroidery do-hickies within the outlined area. (Using the bunny die shape, I could add embroidery embellishments like eyes, or something to enhance the designs in the fabrics I'm using, and then adding text or other embroidery stuff around the appliqued item). This is a big dream, I realize, but an area where I'd get a tremendous amount of use out of the quilty things I have. I would pay extra for this feature as a specific add-on now -- without the whole digitizing package if these tack-down outlines were already done for me.

If you need more specific info, please let me know! :P

Please keep up the great work - esp. for us Mac users. I just love the realistic renderings of my embroidery images in Embrilliance -- so much better than the windows-based machine manufacturer's software.
Quilt Chick

Re: Wish List

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:06 am
by Mac
Many of our Mac Embrilliance Essentials (EE) users also use Convert It, Mac (CIM). CIM has two of the features you suggest for EE:

1. Print any number of selected designs as thumbnails with color and thread information.
2. Create notes for a design with color, size, thread and stitch data which can be annotated with any other data. The "Notes" file is created with the same name as the design file so they are next to each other in the CIM Browser View as well as in the Finder.

3. Digitizing ... will be here and will be easy to use.

Re: Wish List

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:11 am
by Admin
We actually spent quite a lot of time with AccuQuilt earlier this year. We were attempting to get them to partner with us for exactly the product you suggest. But they are still wary of the embroidery market, and the idea that customers might call them with questions was something that held them back from proceeding.

Thus, we don't have the outlines for the dies.

If we did, we could make the product. We know what we want, and it was to be our first Moddie; an interactive design collection for Embrilliance.
Just FYI.

Re: Wish List

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 5:22 pm
by Admin
Forgot to follow up on this -- while we're still working on new features, we DID get AccuQuilt to work with Designer's Gallery (USA only) sold through the Baby Lock dealers. Our product, EmbroideryWorks has been given nearly 200 AccuQuilt shapes for free.

Re: Wish List

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:26 pm
by margnelson
I have also requested a notes field for each design. I am actually looking at Buzz Xplore Version 2, as this has many features that I need. Its other features that are already in Embrilliance I would not use, love what Embrilliance can do.

Fingers crossed

Re: Wish List

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:45 pm
by Admin
Hi, Margaret,
If you are on a Mac, we have automated design notes in Convert it, Mac. But we do not have an Embrilliance browser for Windows - here in the U.S. we have Designer's Gallery Studio for that. We should get an Embrilliance browser out in 2014, but honestly haven't had many requests for one, which is why it hasn't come out yet. We could add it as a utility at some point, but that would only do it for one design at a time. I have not heard from anyone else that they want this, or even make notes themselves, which is why it isn't there yet. If others want it too, it moves up the list. :D