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Font Feature Request

Post by katpen5 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:41 pm


I would love to see some thinner and smaller fonts. I currently only have the fonts included with EE and the first font upgrade package. So hopefully your next release will have these. Occasionally I have need to embroider a lot of words in a small space and it is difficult to find a font that works well for this. So, some thinner and smaller fonts would make this much easier.

Also, a feature that I was able to use on Viking's 3D embroidery software when I used it was the ability to import favorite fonts we used/found online and create an embroidered font from it. It didn't work with all the fonts but it did work with enough that if I couldn't find my font predesigned I was sure to find one I could import. Of course this was an upgrade to the regular software so they still got "paid" for those fonts. I would be VERY interested in this sort of upgrade for EE.


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