Adding notes to a design

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Adding notes to a design

Post by margnelson » Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:29 pm


Is there a way that a note area could be included that would be saved with the .be file? I have tried several methods of keeping notes of things that I try with a particular design, but all fail cause I forget or cannot remember where the paperwork is. Project Adviser is good, but would like to be able to have notes about its affect on a design. This note area could be accessed via an icon on the tool bar, with, say, a pop up window that can be minimised out of the way, but is always saved with the designs working file.

The sort of information that I would record would be :- fabric used, needle used, stabilizers, modifications to the design and resulting stitch outs, threads, machine tension, and, of course, general comments.

This would be of immense value to me, and help to save time and frustration.

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