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Creating Stacked Monogram Designs

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:43 pm
by LisaSewBubbles
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Creating stacked monograms is very simple to do in the Embrilliance programs. Here is a video that shows how this can be done using the lettering tool. The remove hidden stitches is an Essentials function and will eliminate the stitches underneath the overlapped objects when the stitch file is saved. The working file with the BE extension contains all the objects so they are editable.

By Editable, I mean that you can move them around and there are no holes or gaps. These only exist in the stitch file. You can edit any text created with the lettering tool - spelling, change fonts, change spacing etc.

A note on Express mode - The purpose of Express is to provide software that allows you
1. To use the lettering tool to create a design using an alphabet purchased in the BX format that has been added to the program
2. This font is accessible from the font list in the Letters property pane
3. You can to save the Lettering design you create to the format that your machine uses.
This is its job - to allow you to easily use the alphabet collection you purchased in the size you purchased via the keyboard.