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Writing an SHV formatted disk/usb

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:03 am
by LisaSewBubbles
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If you have a Viking Designer 1 series machine that uses EITHER a floppy disk or US, you can use Essentials to write designs to a formatted disk that will work in your machine. YES this can be done on EITHER a Mac or a Windows computer and does not require any other software.

1. From the Utility menu, choose the Designer 1 Disk Utility function

2. Select what type of drive you have - floppy or USB.

3. Click on Get Designs and browse to where your designs are located and select which ones you want to add to the selected menu folder on the drive.

4. Click on Write and you are DONE.

If you are writing designs to a drive that already has designs on it, be sure to back them up so they are not overwritten.

NOTE: If you READ the drive first, you can see what is on the disk in case there is something there you want to keep!

Re: Writing an SHV formatted disk/usb

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:41 pm
by sewinglady51
I have a D1 USB that is all formatted correctly with designs that I keep on it all the time. I have successfully written new designs to my USB with the D1 utility in Essentials. My question is when I read the USB in my machine it only shows Disk 1 and 2. It does not matter which disk/menu I write to all I see when reading the disk in my machine is 1& 2. When I read the stick in Essentials on the computer I see all the disks 1-12 and all my designs. The designs are there but do not show other than disk 1 and 2 in the machine. Any ideas why this is happening? Also is there any way that the designs when written in the utility can retain their original names instead of being renamed to Des01 and so forth? Looking forward to your response. Thank you in advance.

Re: Writing an SHV formatted disk/usb

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:08 pm
by EastWitch2
When in D1 Utility have you tried to read the USB drive first before adding and writing more designs to it ?

When you write designs to the USB drive are you choosing a Menu to write to?

You say your machine only shows Disk 1 and Disk 2.
Do you have designs saved in the other Disks and menus?

On your machine are you able to select Disk 1 or Disk 2 and choose one of the menus and then select a design?

Have you been able to stitch out any designs that you saved to the USB drive using Essentials D1 Utility?


Re: Writing an SHV formatted disk/usb

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:40 pm
by sewinglady51
Yes I read the USB first before adding and writing more designs. Yes I choose a menu to write to. Have chosen one in Disk 1 or 2 and also disk 7. When I put the USB in the machine I only see Disk 1 or 2 to choose from. I am able to select and embroider selected design from 1 or 2. I have the original formatted USB that came with my original 3D software. I also have a second USB that was formatted in original Viking software that I use and the issue that I am having occurs with both USB's the same way.

Re: Writing an SHV formatted disk/usb

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:08 pm
by EastWitch2
This is what the manual says about adding designs to a USB or floppy disk that already has designs on it.
"If you want to add files to a previously created Designer diskette or stick, you will need to first read in the designs and then add the new files to one of the menus. When a Designer disk or stick is written, it replaces any matching file and folder names"

I wonder from what you say if you have to use the Disks in number order in order for your machine to read them.
Perhaps try to put one design in Disk 3 Menu 1 instead of Disk 7 to see if your machine will read disk 1, 2 and 3?

Otherwise I suggest you use the Contact Tab at the top of the Forum page to contact the Embrilliance Team to solve this problem. The quickest way to get an answer from them is fill out and submit a Support Ticket.

Let us know if you find the solution to this puzzle!


Re: Writing an SHV formatted disk/usb

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:46 pm
by sewinglady51
Just tried your suggestion but still only see Disk 1 or 2. I have submitted a Support Ticket earlier this afternoon. Will let you know if they have a solution. If I read and write using my 5D disk manager then read in my machine I see all the disks. If I read that same USB in Embrilliance I see all the disks and all designs. If I then read again in my machine after reading in Embrilliance with out adding any new designs I see only the first two disks. Really strange! Just read in Embrilliance and test design is in the menu I wrote it to but cannot access on the stick in my machine. I just tried the same experiment with Embird and get the same results as I did with Essentials. I read in 5D and all disks show when read in my machine.

Re: Writing an SHV formatted disk/usb

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 11:31 am
by EastWitch2
Hi sewinglady51!

I am really curious to know if the Embrilliance Support Team was able to help you with this problem of reading all the Disks from the USB drive in your machine.

I was surprised to hear you had the same results when you read the USB in Embird too as you did in Essentials!


Re: Writing an SHV formatted disk/usb

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:49 pm
by sewinglady51
Eastwitch, below is the response I received yesterday afternoon. I did forget to mention in my response back which follows theirs below that each menu can hold up to 36 designs all depending on the stitch counts. If there was not enough room in the menu I was writing to the design would automatically not been written. The design was written to disk I menu 1 and also same design to disk 7 menu 1. I could read my USB's (I have two formatted USB's) but if they were read and written in Essentials or Embird then when read in the D1 only Disk 1 and 2 showed up. I did reread in Essentials and Embird and I see all the disks and designs in each menu. I then took the USB's and read in 5D Disk manager and could see all disks and designs. I then put the USB's in my D1 and read it and could see all disks . I really don't think it is a memory problem. I'm pretty sure when I used Essentials to read and write to my USB before that I could see all the disks when reading in my D1. I wonder if it has anything to do with any recent updates to Essentials. I just copied and pasted the above and replied back again in the email I got yesterday from support.

Hello Sherry -

I really like the D1 Utility of Essentials so your observations get my attention!

I suspect a capacity issue, and this is just a guess right now. In Disk 1 and Disk 2 how many designs in how many menus?

As to the names DES01 etc I believe this is a requirement of the D1.

You can sew from Disk 1 and Disk 2 so that is good.

We will look into this in more detail after our next product release which is soon.

Let me know if this helps or if you need more clarification.
Cordially, David Blanton Embrilliance Engineering

I did several experiments after creating the support ticket. I also have Embird that has the capabilities to write a D1 USB or floppy. If I write a design to with either Essentials or Embird I get the same result only seeing Disk 1 or 2 in the machine. However in both of those programs when I read the disk I see all the designs that I have on the stick which uses Disks 1-7. If I use Disk manager to read my USB and I do not add anymore designs then when I read in the machine I see all the disks 1-12 and of those 1-7 have designs in it. Also when I create the USB in Disk Manager the names of the designs stay and are not changed to Des 01 and so forth.

I really like using Essentials and can deal with the design names being more generic. I am just confused about not seeing all the disks that have designs on them after using the D1 utility in Essentials. I have not used Embird since getting Essentials. I have Essentials on my Desktop, laptop and my Windows 8.1 Asus Vivo Tab Smart. For now I can use one of my USB's with Essentials only. That won't be a problem. Oh both Essentials and Embird do format the USB just like Disk Manager does!!!!! That's a good plus. Thank you for answering my support ticket.