Printing Preferences

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Printing Preferences

Post by LisaSewBubbles » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:49 pm

The current update for Embrilliance software includes some new options for printing in the Preferences > Print Setup dialog box.
Printing pref SNC.png
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The top 3 options are the previous printing defaults.

If you have a Brother ScanNcut or other machine that you would like to use for cutting fabric appliqués, you can turn on or off various settings to create "cleaner" templates for scanning.

For example, uncheck the crosshair option to remove this from the print out.

If you don't need the color break thread list - you can uncheck this and it will not print.

If you don't want the file location path or page numbers to print, choose to print just the design (no text)

Finally, you now have the option to just print out selected parts of your design. Select Just the appliqué position colors of the current design using the Object pane - remember that you can use the SHIFT/CTRL or Command keys when clicking on objects to select more than one. While these objects are selected, choose to print and only these will be part of your template!
Applique Printing.jpg
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We hope that you enjoy using these new printing options that we added to make your machine embroidery more robust!
If you have further questions, please use the Contact Us link at the top of this page to submit your questions to customer support.

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Re: Printing Preferences and BX Fonts

Post by peaceloveknit » Sat Mar 08, 2014 5:14 pm

Hi Lisa,

When I use bx fonts they don't break out individually like they would if I used the individual letter files. I can see stitch sequence in the stitch simulator, but there is no triangle to explode the individual letters so I can't select a color to print. Is there a trick? I am so excited about this feature. I am making the cutest pillowcases and this would give me the best reason to buy a scanNcut. (hahahahahha)

I posted this question on Facebook too.
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