Tip for Moving BX Files into Alpha Tricks or Essentials

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Tip for Moving BX Files into Alpha Tricks or Essentials

Post by EastWitch2 » Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:28 pm

Sept 25, 2013

Hi Everyone.

I thought I would pass on a tip about how to access and move the BX Files that you have purchased into the Alpha Tricks software or the Essentials Software with the Alpha Tricks Add On Pack.

I am running a Windows Vista 64 bit laptop for all my embroidery purposes.

I purchased digitzed Alphabets/Font from Jolsons Designs that included the BX files..

I found the only way to access the BX files in order to drag and drop them into Essentials or Alpha Tricks was to first extract/unzip the original zip files that I downloaded from the Jolson website.

I store my zip files of designs I purchase in a file on my C drive named Purchased Designs.

When I puchase designs and download the design zip files I place the zip files in a Sub folder within the Purchased Design File .
I name the Sub Folders with the name of the websites that I purchase the designs from.

So in this case I have a Sub folder called Jolsons that I placed the Zippped fies in

When I want to work with a Font that I purchased from Jolsons I go to the Purchased Design File on my computer and click on it then I click on the Jolsons Sub Folder to find the Zipped Font file I want.

I left click on the Zipped font file and a drop down window opens and I choose the Extract All option to extract or unzip all the files from the zipped file.

**Depending on the version of Windows you have on your computer when you get the drop down window it may have an Option to Unzip or Extract so choose the one you see and it will unzip or extract the files from the zipped file. It may give you the option of where you want the unzipped files to go so make a folder and name it to put the unzipped files in.

On my computer this places all the unzipped files in a new sub folder which has the name and number of the font.
This sub folder is in the same Jolson folder as the zipped files.

In order to get to the BX files with in the Sub Folder I have to open it by clicking on the name.

Once open I can see a folder named BX files and also see all the individual letter files in the machine design format that I purchased in this case I see a bunch of VIP files for the font that I am working with.

So now I click on the BX Files folder to open it and there I see a number of BX files.
I see a different BX Files for each size included in this Jolson font.

These are the files that I can now drag and drop into Alpha Tricks or Essentials with the Alpha Tricks Add On pack.

So if you are working with a Windows Computer you will have to unzip or extract all the files from your downloaded zipped file before you can get to the BX files in order to drag and drop them into the open Alpha Tricks or Essentials program working window.

Right click and hold your mouse button down and drag each BX files over to the open window of Alpha Tricks or Essentials and they will be installed into the program.
You will get a pop up messages saying that the font has been installed each time you drop a bx file on to the open working window of the program.

Once I have all the BX files moved into the program I go back and delete the Font Sub Folder that contains all the unzipped files off my computer.
**If you do this be careful to only delete the folder that has the unzipped files in it.

Make sure to leave the Original Zipped file on your computer for future use.
You can even make a copy of the zipped file and store it in a safe place such as an external hard drive of CD, or DVD!
You never know when you might need this file again - computers have been known to CRASH! LOL

This is what worked for me for the Jolson Design Fonts I purchased and I don't know if this would apply to the BX files that Rivermills offers when you purchase Fonts/Alphabets designs from them.

Let us all know what works for you!


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