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Janome 550E and Embrilliance software

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 6:49 am
by KGL
I just recently purchased a Janome 550E. I have the Embrilliance software which I use exclusively for quilt labels and designs and have for several years. I previously had a Brother PE770. My first label on the Janome 550E was a problem, thread breakage, loops on the letters, bobbin thread coming to the top, etc.... I have worked many hours trying to fix the problems. I took the Janome back to the dealer for them to say the problem is my software/design not the machine. I continued to have the problems and finally figured out there is an issue with the sensor. When the auto thread cutter is turned on, I continually get thread break errors when the thread is not broken. If I turn the auto thread cutter off this doesn't happen and it sews just fine. I am bringing the machine back to the dealer for further investigation but he asked that I sew something using the fonts built into the machine prior to bringing in the machine. I have done that with the auto thread cutter on and the thread break error never happened. I fear once again they will say it is my design/software to which I have to say I don't want the machine if I can't use my embrilliance. Has anyone had an issue like this and if so what was the outcome?