Help Needed Stitch artist 2

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Help Needed Stitch artist 2

Post by lynnfm » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:38 am

Ok I have always used PC computer and learned digitizing in Embird, but started learning stitch artist because of how the reviews all said were GREAT! but I recently purchased a MAC computer and can no longer use my embird without jumping through hoops to get it.
so I want to USE my stitch artist 2 now all the time... but the problem I have and cannot find any answers... I digitize to a specific size example: I make raggy heart patches, its an appliqué design, I need this heart to be a 2.65 " x 2.99" HOW do I get this size? I have tried typing it in the size boxes and it never moves to the size? PLEASE can anyone tell me how to size my design to the size I need...
I loved how embird did this I just put in the size and it moved...

Thank you so much

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