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My first try with SA!!

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:16 pm
by LorraineMc
I used Stitch Artist and this was my first attempt at digitizing!! Here with this butterfly I took a regular jpeg of a butterfly, traced it and cleaned up the image in Corel Paint Shop Pro. Then opened it in Stitch Artist and traced it and added stitches. This is my first try at the program Stitch Artist and stitching something out. It does need (a lot) more work!! But I wanted to share here-where I am at and what I created and I am hoping more will share so we can learn from each other and more about the program. I did learn a lot by "stitching out" the design. I saw how running stitches stitch out-especially how thick/thin when using a running stitch with a one pass vs a bean stitch!! Machine tension was also a learning project for me vs what I was seeing on my computer screen to what was actually stitching out. I am enjoying the Stitch Artist program!
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