Merge these 3 designs

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Merge these 3 designs

Post by JimK » Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:41 am

Hi Again,
So here are 3 new designs that can be merged into 1, 2 or left alone.

Now, the “rug” design is cool. When you get done with the embroidery you can see on the ends where I made the stitches real long. Just carefully cut the bobbin thread and you have yourself a fringed 3-D design.

Again if you are new to Essentials this a great exercise to practice merging designs and removing underlay stitches.

Fiesta-rug -
(7.73KiB)Downloaded 1477 times
Fiesta-rug -
(14.74KiB)Downloaded 1300 times
(10.17KiB)Downloaded 1203 times

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