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Density Repair Kit Released

Post by Admin » Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:37 pm

Density Repair Kit, which we refer to as DRK, is a super-easy tool that does so much, it's kind of hard to believe.

It all started when I wanted to 'see' how a design would sew - not just follow it's stitches, because I would miss something, but to see what it did to the fabric it was sewing on. This resulted in our patented Density Map. Like weather radar, the colors tell the tale of how much thread the design is laying down over your fabric - and Red is not a pretty color as those areas are 6 layers thick.

Next, I wanted to remove the 'Clumps' of stitching that frequently would wind up under my sewing. These were created by the design sewing over one area repeatedly, which causes a swelling of stitches inside the needle plate, which in turn pulls and pops as the frame moves to another area.

While sewing one day, I noticed that although most of a particular design sewed okay, there were a couple areas that were just ridiculously dense. If I made the design bigger, I could lighten the whole thing up, but I didn't want ot mess with the parts that were working well. I just wanted to fix the trouble spots.

Ultimately I decided that I wanted complete control of the coverage of fills and satins so that different projects could be accommodated. Most commercial designs are digitized for canvas bags, but what if I wanted to put a design on a pique knit shirt? Usually I was out of luck!

Then we put all this and made the repairs to the designs as easy as pushing a single button, the Sweep, and all those problems could be solved.

That's Density Repair Kit!

One button, no more "bulletproof" embroidery. No more 'patches' stitched where the fabric should be supple. And a nice time and thread savings as well!

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