Installation of Font Collection 1

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Re: Installation of Font Collection 1

Post by EastWitch2 » Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:56 pm

blabarrre wrote:I bought the font collection 1 and installed it in hopes of using it in the Embrilliance free program...PLease let me know if I can because its not working and i bought another set of fonts from another company and they dont work either.. I would like a refund if I can not use it. Thank you for your help!

I am not 100% sure but think the Font Collection 1 will only work with the purchased version of Essentials.

If you purchased a BX Font from another vendor make sure you are unzipping the Zipped file it comes in before you drag and drop the BX Files into the open Window of Embrilliance Express or try double clicking on the BX file to install it into Embrilliance Express.

Please use the link below to contact the Embrilliance Support Team.
They are the only ones that can assist you with this particular problem of Font Collection 1.
Fill in the support ticket and submit it and they will contact you.


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Re: Installation of Font Collection 1

Post by MizRock » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:07 pm

Just bought the Font Collection 1. It appeared as if it did not install (PC, Windows 10 64bit) -- but after closing Embrilliance and reopening, voila the fonts were there as was a prompt for the serial number. Very easy, very smooth. Might want to have Embrilliance closed when doing the install, and opening it after.

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