.pes design crashing my Brother pe700ii

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.pes design crashing my Brother pe700ii

Post by fecowycz » Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:16 pm

I'm using a Brother pe700ii machine. I used embrilliance to create my design and saved it as a .pes file. When I plug my machine into my computer, I see my machine hard disk on my computer screen and I copy the .pes file to the disk. It shows up on my embroidery machine and I select it, however, my embroidery machine then restarts and goes back to the initial screen when the machine is turned on. It is only for the files I've created in embrilliance. It does not do this for other .pes files I've purchased...help please! I am using a Mac. Thanks!

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Re: .pes design crashing my Brother pe700ii

Post by Jeanie » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:38 am

Forgive me if what I'm asking and suggesting doesn't apply b/c I'm probably writing out of ignorance as I don't have a Brother pe700II, but I was thinking that it was one of the smaller, entry-level machines often suggested for people interested in learning embroidery b/c of it's 5x7 frame and USB port for transferring embroidery files. Feel free to correct me on that!

The reason I'm asking about the USB port is that I have several Babylock machines and also have always used a Mac for embroidery work since I started in 2011. I tried to use a PC, even purchased a windows 7 laptop, but could never really make the adjustment from my dearly loved Mac to a PC. Therefore, I was delighted to find Embrilliance software that was compatible with my Mac b/c everyone who worked with my dealer insisted I had to learn to use a PC b/c my machine would only connect to a PC.

I have always simply edited & designed on my Mac and then transferred embroidery PES files to my embroidery machines through the USB port. I never connect my computer directly to my emb machines. I have the Babylock Ellisimo, Destiny, and 10-needle Enterprise machines. Brother has equivalents of all 3 machines. I hope that all makes sense and is helpful--- assuming you have the USB port on your machine.

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