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AccuQuilt GO! Applique Updates

Embrilliance has teamed up with AccuQuilt and their GO! applique dies.

Many of those (non-designer-series) dies have been added to a special version of Essentials called the ‘GO! Applique Edition’ which is sold exclusively by AccuQuilt and its retailers.

At this time, the product is not available for current owners of Embrilliance products, but will be soon. If you like, please sign up for the AccuQuilt newsletter and watch your email from them for that announcement.

The die shapes work interactively, and we call these ‘Moddies’ as they are self-modifying designs. They can be used in many ways, with different top-stitch effects, fabric preview, single or multiple steps for applique, and even unlocked to resize and make coordinating designs.

Updated GO! Edition BX install files for your Embrilliance Library are now available!

These only work if you own the GO! Applique Edition:

To install a BX file, download and unzip it. Then simply double-click the BX file or drag-and-drop the unzipped file onto the program’s main view. There is no need to ‘uninstall’ any prior version.

The latest updates include die art changes from AccuQuilt. Some of those dies have had their corner-cutting improved, and this resulted in slight changes in the art over the years. Our work matches the current artwork supplied by AccuQuilt.

History of changes:

Applique BX

12/1/16 55369 Zoo Animals: Most shapes;  55367 Trains: Cars and Window

12/7/16 55008 Feathers, 55037 Baby Baby, 55042 Funky Flowers: Mirror

12/7/16 55097 Cupcake Update, 55367 Train, 55369 Zoo Animals: update artwork

12/7/16 55328 Tulip: Added


12/14/16 55155 Circles: all updated

12/3/16 55462 Big Circles: all updated

12/7/16 55012 Circles: 2″ Circle adjust


12/7/16 55055 Ribbon Twist: Mirror


11/18/16  55043 Holiday Medley: Holly Leaf

12/1/16 55450 Snowflakes: 3rd snowflake

12/7/16 55321 Holiday Accessories: Mirror


12/7/16 55373 Elephants: Artwork rev.

12/7/16 55038 Lullaby: Mirror

12/7/16 55361 Circle 8.5″ Note: OS shows die name missing the “.5”

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