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Vote Embrilliance for the 2019 Reggies!

Embrilliance‘s programs, services, and crew have been nominated for multiple categories in industry’s premier decorator-selected awards, the 2019 2 Regular Guys Reggie Awards, and we’d really love your vote. Just click on the bar showing the Embrilliance candidate for each category below to vote!

(It may take longer than expected for the categories to load; they are hosted by a third-party site and may take up to 30 seconds to show completely. Thank you for your patience and your vote!)

First up, our new Envelopes have gained attention for the Best New Product Category!

Second, our own Lisa Shaw was nominated for her work representing Embrilliance!

Third, Embrilliance was honored to be nominated a second time for Best Customer Service!

Fourth, Embrilliance’s YouTube Channel was nominated a second time for Best Online Educational Content!

Fifth, both Erich Campbell and Lisa Shaw was honored to be nominated a second time for Best Customer Service!

Sixth, our Brilliant Embrilliance Embroidery group was nominated for Best Facebook or LinkedIn Community/Group!

Seventh, Embrilliance’s Lisa Shaw and Erich Campbell were both nominated for Best Guest on the Podcast in 2019!

Last, but not least, Erich Campbell and Lisa Shaw were both nominated again for Best Ambassador for the Industry!

Thank you very much for voting for Embrilliance! We couldn’t be what we are without you our Embrilliance Family!

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