An embroidery card reader/writer for Mac at long last!

Emboxer is a program for Intel-based Macs running  OSX 10.5 and up (Not including Catalina!) that communicates with the Vikant Ultimate Box, both the 1-slot and 2-slot versions as well as several boxes like CardWorks 1 & 2, BuzzBox, The Amazing Box Max, and Little Max.

These boxes usually have 1 or 2 slots for cards for different machines, such as Brother, Viking, Janome, Pfaff (including 2140 series) etc. You can buy a box from the manufacturer, online sewing retailers, or from your sewing machine store.

Using on El Capitan – notes from one user are that you need to follow the instructions included in the download, and it seems not to work with USB hubs, powered or not. Apple has been revising their USB systems, so we do not know if this will change. But for now, at least one of our team here is using it with her machine successfully.

— Emboxer does NOT work with Brother boxes. —


— Emboxer will not work on Catalina

Please note that nearly 100% of the time, any issues arising are a result of a bad USB cable or a dead embroidery card. (Static zaps them.) As we are not the makers of any box, we cannot support these issues. Please visit or the maker of your box for support or to purchase.

However, if your box is working on Windows with specific embroidery files, and it is not on your Mac, please let us know using our Contact Us link.

We are currently in the beta of Emboxer, hence the program is FREE FOR ALL USERS!

(As such, no warranty is provided.)


Embrilliance Engineering


For usage tips look here:

Emboxer Video Page