Install or Update Embrilliance Programs

Installing multiple Embrilliance Platform programs or adding a new program to a currently updated install?
After your first program is installed, go to the menu under “Help->Serial Numbers…”  to add additional serial numbers and enable new features without a new download! Click here for more information.

Embrilliance Platform Programs

This download installs and updates the Embrilliance Platform, containing Essentials, AlphaTricks, Enthusiast, Density Repair Kit, Font Collections 1,2 & StitchArtist 1-3

Convert it Mac

Version 1.68 for Mac OS (10.9-10.15)

Note: If you have Apple ‘Catalina’ you need to grant ‘Full Disk Access.’

Install or Update Embrilliance Collections

Visit our Accuquilt GO page

Includes current files for owners of the AccuQuilt GO! Collection. Requires a serial number for Essentials owners, included with EmbroideryWorks.

View / Print Manuals and Guides

Embrilliance Platform Manual

These manuals include information about Essentials, AlphaTricks, Enthusiast, Density Repair Kit, & StitchArtist. The manual is also in the platform under Menu option “Help -> Help”

Want to have a manual printed with a print shop or online?
We allow you to have our manual printed! Just download the Printing Release Form here and present it to your printer.

Embrilliance Platform Testing and Previous Versions

Testing versions are subject to frequent change and may be less stable.

Platform Latest Version (testing improvements and bugfixes):

Windows: Embrilliance 1.166 (.zip)

MacOS: Embrilliance 1.166 (.pkg)

Platform Older version:

Windows: Embrilliance 1.160 (.zip)

Mac OSX: Embrilliance 1.158 Embrilliance 1.160