Convert it Mac vs Embrilliance Essentials

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Convert it Mac vs Embrilliance Essentials

Post by sewinggal » Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:14 pm

Can you tell me the main differences between the Convert it Mac and Embrilliance Essentials? Are they the same just one is for a PC and one is for Mac? If not can you put Convert it Mac on a PC?


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Re: Convert it Mac vs Embrilliance Essentials

Post by sandimacd » Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:02 pm

hi Lisa,
No, they are not the same. Convert It Mac (CIT) is a MAC OS X program that will convert some file types to other file types (like converting a .jef to a .pes). It cannot be installed on a PC (Windows).
Embrilliance Essestials (EE) is an editing program and it is offered in 2 formats. One format (.exe) is for Windows and one format (.dmg) is for MAC OS X. I only have the MAC format but according to what I have read it is the same program and will have the same interface and function. EE will allow you to create lettering and monograms. It will allow you to change colors, rotate, move, copy and delete areas in the design. It will also display a "virtual stitchout". You can click on the play button and watch your design sew out on the screen.
HTH, Sandi in MT
embroidery on Mac OSX has opened up a new world to me...

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