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Jackie Parr
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lettering help

Post by Jackie Parr » Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:42 pm

I am having problems both in importing letters to make a name or in using your fonts. I have tried to select in order, but they still do not come out that way. I have had luck using the window on the right side and then going up to edit and sequance. I can usually use the move earlier or later. I assume the move first or last would move the letter to the first or last position, but I can not get this to work. What am I doing wrong. Yesterday, it crashed 4 times while trying to put the same name in the correct sewing order. When I re enter, it asks something about bringing back what you are working on, but it keeps taking me to the previous file not the current one. Thanks Jackie

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Re: lettering help

Post by Admin » Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:12 pm

Hi, Jackie,
You have two things to address. First, if there's a crash, we'd sure like to fix it. Are you on a Mac? If so we can get a crash report. Please email that in using the Contact Us above. We'll get it fugured out straight-away. We haven't had any crash issues, so I'm very curious.

Next is the sequence. You ask about your own letters, which are really just embroidery designs, unlike the built-in fonts which are complex outline objects that generate stitches based on your input.

So, let's first talk about sequencing regular designs. Each design will show up in the 'Objects' view. That's the view in the middle on the right. The designs sew in order, with the first design starting at the top of the list. You can select a design by clicking on it either in the tree or on the main view. Once selected, you can rearrange the sequence by using either the menu options or right-clicking on the design in the Object view. Move Later, Move Earlier, etc.

As far as order of letters within a lettering design, only the Monogram feature lets you specify: "a, then b, then c" OR "a, then c, then b" et cetera. But I don't think that is your question.

If your Move First or Move Last option is not working, then you are using an out-of-date version. There was a bug which has been fixed. You can get the current version from the Downloads page here at Embrilliance.com. Generally you can simply run the new installation and it will overwrite the old installation.

If your computer is on the internet, and you have the preference set, your program should check once a day to see if it is the current version. If it cannot get an internet connection, it won't be able to tell you.

So, please let us know which version you are on, if you needed an update, and if that worked for you. Thanks!

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