Stitching our a name

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Jackie Parr
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Stitching our a name

Post by Jackie Parr » Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:54 pm

I put together a name with your fonts. The stitch out was not very good. The satin stitch did not cover and had a lot of the background showing through. I went to the Stitch (color, letters, stitch). The satin density and compensation were both set to 0. I assume this is the reason for the poor stitch quality. What are good numbers to set these on. The bottom 2 numbers were set to 8.

Now does this STITCH button work only on your fonts, or any design that you are merging and working on. Will it change the stitch on a already digitized merged design.

I do like that you can import more than one letter at a time. Can you chose the letters in a certain order to have them sew out correctly. I have tried a couple of different ways with no luck. Thank you for your help. Jackie

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Re: Stitching our a name

Post by Admin » Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:22 pm

Hi, Jackie,
I think I just answered these in response to your other post, but will do so again here, for now. I may merge them later, ok?

First, it seems your program version is out of date, based on the other post. So, that may have some impact on this issue.

Next, the properties pages, on the top, right of the program, only affect those things which are selected. For instance, you cannot change stitch compensation or density on a regular embroidery file. That is a digitizing preference. So, on that 'Stitch' page, all the options will only apply to Embrilliance design objects - let me clarify - our keyboard Lettering using the built-in fonts or from Fonts 1, as well as the Applique Frames that come with Essentials.

A typical value to use for Satin Density on the built-in fonts is 4 or 5. You should also be able to reset to the default settings using 'Set Defaults'. The '8' value on the underlay options sounds right.

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