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How to use Embrilliance on my Bernina

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:10 am
by Merge0123
Hello all! Just bought and downloaded Embrilliance Essentials. This may be a dumb question but here goes. I have a Bernina 765. How do I get it to "talk" with my Embrilliance software? I have my machine computer connection cord connected to my laptop. I was thinking I would then be able to see my design on my machine screen, but I don't. Do I need to always save and download my design to a USB thumb drive then then use that? Is there a way to use Embriallance through Art Link (the free Bernina software)? Thanks for any help, I'm new to all of this.

Re: How to use Embrilliance on my Bernina

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:39 am
by hsbdobergirl
Hum. I'll try to answer the best I can. I had an old Bernina 180 and the ONLY way to get files to that machine was via artlink, or magic card etc.

Now I have a Bernina 580 and a Brother PR1000E.

If I wanted to I could take my laptop and plug it in either machine and download either .exp (Bernina format) or .pes (Brother format). To me, instead of dragging my laptop and plugging it in the embroidery machine it's just as simple to save it on a USB drive, plug it into the embroidery machine and the embroidery machine will bring up my design. Now with Bernina, I believe you have to convert your files to .art to use Artlink? When the machine really uses .exp. So to me that's just an added step.

I guess what I'm saying is until the embroidery machines can download designs via wireless or bluetooth I don't see the point of hooking up my laptop to it.

That's my best answer. Anyone else care to weigh in?

BTW. Make sure to save your files as .exp+ for your Bernina.

Re: How to use Embrilliance on my Bernina

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:13 am
by denise mathis
ARTlink 7 and 8 does handle EXP and many others. My 450 Aurora, while being emb capable... actually has no "on board" built-in emb platform...none! It relies 100% on ARTlink's EC on PC platform to write to the machine. My old Bernina editor plus had the EC on PC platform built into that software but it aged out... $$$ down the drain! I think most other Bernina machines have built-in /on board emb capability so they are able to play directly nice with Embrilliance... the Auroras were kind of a beloved but odd ball step sister series and require the ARTlink assist in order to play nice with Embrilliance. But at least I have an affordable editing work around with Embrilliance... that Bernina no longer is willing to support.