Merging Purchased Fonts

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Merging Purchased Fonts

Post by Alyson » Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:49 pm

Hey there!

So I'm very new to this software, hence the following question(s)....

I am trying to "letter" with fonts I have purchase via the internet. I have gathered from readying other posts that these are not "true fonts" just embriodery designs. So I understand I have to somehow merge these together then manually place them, but after clicking the merge stitch on the toolbar, selecting which font folder I want (see why I say folder below) to merge then clicking "import", nothing happens. No fonts show up as icons, etc. Here's the other situation (folder) that I don't understand about selecting fonts.....when the initial dialogue box appears after clicking merge stitch file, just my folders holding my font files are listed, I then have to double click (which opens a new window) to open the folder to reveal all the font files. When I try to drag and drop or double click the file (there is no "import" button) it says "Windows can not open this file." My files are in .DST format. Should they be in a different format? Thanks in advance and sure hope all this makes sense.

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Re: Merging Purchased Fonts

Post by Admin » Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:31 am

To merge a design, letter or otherwise, you do have to select it in the Merge window. Then click Import. You can bring in multiple designs at a time.
Essentials does not have a font mapping feature to use a set of designs as a font. We do make Designer's Gallery EmbroideryWorks Advanced, which does have that feature today. And we are planning a module in Embrilliance with this feature in the near future.

If you double click a file in Windows, it cannot open it, but you can choose Essentials as a program to open designs with. Google 'File Association' with whatever version of Windows you are using to learn how to do it. You can certainly double-click a .DST file in Windows and have it open Essentials.

But if you are already in Essentials using the Merge window, double clicking a design will import it right to the design page.

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