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Post by KaiaNicole » Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:11 am


I am trying to decide which software is right for me. I am new to all this, and I am certainly aware that what I think I want as a newbie might not help me when I actually get in to making gifts, etc. Do I want the basting feature in Convert It? Will I be fine without it? Will I want the other features in Embrilliance more? Will my happiness at these other features drown out the loss and sadness accompanying my lack of basting capabilities? Just looking for some guidance; I can't buy both. I have about $210 to spend, so I can get Emb and Thumbnailer, or CI and Thumbnailer, and that's it. I do so love being poor lol. Thanks for the responses!

Kaia Nicole

PS- I have a 5x7 Elna machine (got a great deal on it as it was discontinued, but it stitches just like the new Janomes and cost about a third of what they do!).

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Re: Basting

Post by MacStitch » Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:40 am

I'm not familiar with Convert It. I have Embrilliance only and love it. I do not know what kind of basting that you are looking for, but Embrilliance will add a basting stitch around any design if you choose it under the Menu - Utility. Feel free to ask any questions about what you can do with Embrilliance. You may also send me a private message, as well, if you'd like.

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