I have 4D. Should I try Essentials?

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I have 4D. Should I try Essentials?

Post by Admin » Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:21 pm

I love Thumbnailer. Thank you Brian. I also have Husq. 4D PRO Software. Is there a benefit for me in having Embrilliance Essentials??
Hi Isobel,
Thanks for writing! And we're glad you are enjoying Thumbnailer.
As for your question, well, let me answer a couple ways:
1.) We could use as many testers as possible to help us see what needs improvement.
2.) Yeah, there is, but it would exhibit itself in many small ways. This is like 4D For The Rest Of Us. Some things - well, it's easier. And all on one screen. Also there are some Monogram and lettering things not found in 4D but that could be said the other way around too.
But consider this. The retail price is to be $150. And I'm offering a Christmas present to my beta testers that will make it worth their while. So, maybe I would suggest, yes, it's worth it. And then once we've got it all working right, you can let me know what you like. How's that?

This is such a good question, I'm going to post it on the Q&A section of the forum.

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