Version 1.06

New versions fix things and add features. This will document those changes. If you had a Feature Request and we have implemented it, we've moved the topic here for posterity.
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Version 1.06

Post by Admin » Sun May 01, 2011 10:25 pm

Hi, Essentials users,
We've quietly released version 1.06, but we're going to broadcast the update this week.
If you download the latest version, that is what is available, for both Mac and Windows.

Many issue have been addressed:
Fixed some bugs on Mac side, including occasional crashes, and distribute commands not always been interpreted.
Fixed Mac issue with repeated requests for serial numbers on some systems.
Fixed and changed the way paste occurs depending on what you are doing.
Fixed the selection mechanism to be more intelligent.
Added 'Delete' to Edit menu, per user request.
Moved single-page design template to center of paper per user request.
Added 'Select By Color' to Edit menu.
Added right-click context menu to main view for Copy/Paste.
Added/Enhanced Ghost Mode features, including a Preference to set the target intensity.
Stubbed in some Stitch-Editing code, which will allow for editing in the near future.
Miscellaneous small fixes and improvements.

We did get a major push on rewriting the manual, but we haven't released that yet, sorry. There's still so much left to do on it, given what features we are adding. We will make time to get it done in May, however, so hang in there, thanks!

At present time, we do not see any bugs lingering, although no doubt someone will find one tomorrow - that's the nature of software.
-Brian & David

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