Organizing Fonts

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Organizing Fonts

Post by olearylady » Thu Jan 19, 2017 9:12 pm

It doesn't take long before a very long list of fonts is created after importing bx fonts. Is there a way to put these fonts in folders? If there could be a folder for the font and within the folder the different sizes, that would be great. If that's not possible, can I create a second "Font" folder in the document Embrilliance file -- maybe Font 2. I could keep all of my bx fonts there in folders by font name and then move the font into the "Font" folder when I need it. Would that work? Trying to simplify my life here a bit.

Or can I just import one size and increase or decrease the size as needed? That would solve the problem very easily.

Or is there a better way? I'm open to any suggestions that make using the fonts a little more user friendly and less cumbersome.

Thanks to the group!

Creating Everyday
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Re: Organizing Fonts

Post by Creating Everyday » Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:14 am

Hi there! From what I understand, there is not a way to add folders.

What I have done to organize my fonts, is to add codes to the front of the file name to quickly identify what kind of font it is, using AlphaTricks It's worked well for me because when I want a monogram font, I don't need to scroll through the whole list to pick and choose. I can type M and it takes me straight to the monograms, and then I can curser through them. Here's a list of what I am using:

Monogram = MON.
Script = SCR.
Sans Serif = SANS.
Serif = SER.
Calligraphy = CAL.
Decorative = DEC.
Numbers & Punctuation = NUM.

I hope that gives you another idea of how to organize instead of folders.

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Re: Organizing Fonts

Post by MiMiSews » Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:31 pm

This makes sense as a way to group types. I'm still exploring Alpha Tricks to see if I would get lost.... I have ADD & usually if I can't see it, I don't remember where to look, or that I have it. ;}

Question: The "picture" by some of the fonts that I've imported don't show the correct example of font type. Even though I know we have to close Embrilliance and reopen to have access to the newly imported fonts, usually the list has shifted due to name of font "inserted."

BTW, when we were first able to import BX fonts, I don't think we had to exit the program to activate/use the newly imported font. I find this a little inconvenient since I usually have more than one page/window open; then if I purchase a new font option for that design, have to import the font, close all the tabs, exit the program, open the program, etc. ....

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Re: Organizing Fonts

Post by Wilder » Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:47 pm

You can just install one size font and then adjust the size from there. I usually select a size in the middle so I only have one font installed and can easily size up and down from there.

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