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I Got StitchArtist, Now What?

Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:48 pm
by Admin
Hmmm. This question has come in a few times.

I think it relates to our loyal customers buying things from us because they know they'll love them. But SA is a bit of a challenge if you don't have a project at hand that you 'need it for.'

There is some advice we have. StitchArtist can only make embroidery designs - either you will have to draw something in it, or load an image and draw stitches over top. Now, the question is, an image of what? Well there's the thing - we don't know what you want to make - only you do!

Our suggestion is that you might want to start with something applique. Maybe take a look around and see if you can find inspiration in a project that could use an applique design, but maybe you've not found the right one. You could look through the hundreds of shapes in the SA library (3rd button on the right) and see if any of those shapes are something you could use in your project? Also don't forget the page where other people share their works, and you may see something you'd like.

If you have Essentials, or some BX fonts, you could do an applique design and add text. A very popular thing to do, and very easy.

You could also do some simple embellishment with the motifs. If you've used decorative stitches with your sewing machine, this is very similar, except that you're embroidering. And it is a good reason to crack the manual (PDFs are on the web page) and see how motifs can be combined.

Or just doodle up something - redwork is pretty straightforward. Lots of designs out there on the Google. Click 'Images.'

Hope this helps you to get started having fun!