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RE: Creating Appliques #1 in Stitch Artist

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:34 pm
by EastWitch2
March 19, 2015

Here are some directions on how to remove the overlapped Final Satin Stitches on the Applique objects that are under another Applique object in a designs you are creating in Stitch Artist.

Also this will show you how you can use the Color Sort Function in order to be able to have the Stitch file you take to your machine stitch all the Applique Position Stitches first and then all the Material Tack Down Stitches next and then all your final Finishing stitches such as a final Satin Stitches or Blanket Stitches etc. when stitching a design that is made up of multiple Appliques.

First Click on Edit and then in the Drop Down Menu Choose Preferences.
Then choose and click on Files in the Left Index.
Make sure that Remove overlaps when saving files is checked to turned this on.
Make sure that Treat Objects labelled Applique Pos as filled is checked to turn this on.
Then Click Okay and close out of the Window
See Bottom picture below that shows these settings.

Next click on the Create Icon for Stitch Artist choose your art work or image file or Outlines from the Embrilliance Library which you will use for digitizing your design.
Then use the Draw with Points tool or Magic Wand to create your shapes for your Appliques.
Once you have all the shapes sized and positioned where you want them in the Hoop area of the Working window.

Now highlight all the Appliques Shapes showing in the Objects Pane on the right by clicking on one and then hold your Shift Key down and click on all of the other Applique Shapes showing in the Objects Pane.

Now while they are all highlighted click on the Applique Stitch Button to turn your shapes into Applique stitches.

Now you can work on each Applique or Highlight them all and in the Properties Pane and then set the following for what you want:
Under the Applique Tab
Set your Applique Stitch Type such as Satin Stitch, or Blanket Stitch,or E Stitch, or Zig Zag,
Set you Density and Stitch width.
Set if you want Position Stitches, Material Tack Down Stitches,
Set your Tie at Entry and Tie at Exit.

Under the Color Tab
Leave the first 2 colors for the Applique Position and Material Position as it is showing.
Set your last color , which will be for the final stitches that stitch on top of the applique material to any color you want it to be.

See Picture below of my Working be file for a Weird Applique Bird I put together! :)
It shows that I have 3 Appliques, each have an Applique Position Stitch color, an Applique Material color, and Last color named Madeira which is the color for the Final Satin Stitches I choose for my Appliques.

Now please note that my Applique shapes are overlapping each other at certain spots.

This means that there are going to be Satin Finishing Stitches stitching over top of some of the Satin Finishing Stitches of the applique shape that is under the Applique shape that is on top of it which would be very bulky and may not stitch nicely.

So in order to eliminate this problem we are going to remove the Satin Stitches of the Applique shape that is on the bottom in the spot where the Top Applique Final Satin Stitch will be stitching so we don't have 2 layers of satin stitches stitching on top of each other.

The Applique Position Stitches and the Appliques Material stitches will not be removed as they are not dense and will not cause any problems and will still be there to help us position the material and to hold the material down for the Appliques shape that is underneath. These 2 rows of stitches will be covered by the material for the Applique shape that is over top of them.

So how do we eliminate the Stitches underneath that we don't want????

We Highlight the Appliques Shapes in the Object Pane on the left and then under File select the Save Stitch File AS option to save the design as a stitch file for our machine.
Make sure to choose the stitch file format for your machine when saving.

Now if you want to have your Working file saved then highlight all the Applique Objects again in the Objects Pane and then under File choose Save Working File As option and name it.
See next picture
Now close out out of your program.

*****I can't add more pictures to this post so I will make another new post and continue.
See Creating Appliques #2 in Stitch Artist at the link below. ... =32&t=1337


Re: RE: Creating Appliques #1 in Stitch Artist

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:29 pm
by apadigimus
What do you recommend doing if all the above steps have been followed but it still doesnt remove overlapping stitches? I have tried everything and spent 4 hours watching youtube videos thinking I must be missing something.

Re: RE: Creating Appliques #1 in Stitch Artist

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:31 pm
by mbjorgan
Followed the steps and it is still not working. Any suggestion?

Re: RE: Creating Appliques #1 in Stitch Artist

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:04 pm
by jzbosco
can you be more specific - what's not working

note: In the "objects" window of (StitchArtist) on the right, rename the objects as "applique pos". The stitches always show up in StitchArtist, but when you save your project to your stitch file for your machine, the overlap will be gone. Try to match your position stitch color to you material.

Re: RE: Creating Appliques #1 in Stitch Artist

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:35 pm
by mbjorgan
I am following the applique instruction on this site . When I hit save ( I have checked the preferences boxes) it is not eliminating the overlaps. In the objects panel, the items show up as " applique". When I select one , the color panel will shows the colors for the position, the material and the top stitch . The item in the object panel does not indicate the position stitch or the material stitch, it is just one item with no sub-layers showing. Unfortunately, I can't attach a screenshot to show you. I did a successful applique a month ago and it showed all the positions separate in the objects file. I cannot remember what I might have done different. Thanks for your help

Re: RE: Creating Appliques #1 in Stitch Artist

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:44 am
by jzbosco
other suggestion: make sure you highlight both shapes in the Objects panel by shift clicking the second shape, then go to the Create button and assign the Applique stitch

Re: RE: Creating Appliques #1 in Stitch Artist

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:40 am
by mbjorgan
Thank you it worked! :D