Screen calibration tool

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Screen calibration tool

Post by sandimacd » Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:29 pm

I went to Preferences in Essentials and found the screen calibration tool so I adjusted it for 5cm as directed.
I then closed the program, relaunched it and checked that it was still calibrated to my screen. It was off by .2 so I reset it so that the line displaying on my screen was again 5cm long. Closed and reopened program but was off again by .2.
Next I unchecked the metric box and set the line to measure 2 inches. I relaunched Essentials but it defaulted to a checked metric box and the line was off again by .2.
The box to change the line has a bar and arrow to drag it either right or left. This lengthens or shortens the line. After shortening it 5 times I am running close to the left edge. I don't have much room left for the arrow to make the line any smaller.
I am using in on a MacMini with a Staples flat screen 24" monitor. I am running MAC OS 10.6.6 and Essentials 1.03.
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Re: Screen calibration tool

Post by Admin » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:19 pm

We've addressed this topic in 1.04:
More scroll range was added and more range so that lower DPI monitors (down to 48 dpi) are handled.
The preference dialog was not honoring metric until clicking somewhere in it.

The grid is actually displaying correctly. Our guess is that the zoom was set to hoop, not 100%.
In Essentials, the zoom is not fictitious; 100% is actually the size of the design, 200% is exactly twice that, etc.

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