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Creating patches for service dog

Our friend Rob B. digitized these Hyperacusis Awareness patches using StitchArtist L2 on his Mac. Hyperacusis is the sensitivity to sound and those that suffer from this usually wear earplugs when in social situations.

These were stitched onto vinyl for display on a service dog for a person suffering from hyperacusis.

Done from scratch in StitchArtist. The globe with earmuffs was digitized from some artwork that I was provided for this project.

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Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago at 8:37 am.

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"Your software ROCKS! I LOVE IT .I"m new to embroidery but old to sewing and computers and your software is intuitive, and fun! My 13 yr old daughter uses it NON-STOP and loves it!
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