Most of these questions are answered on the pages that describe the products, but this FAQ may save you some search time.

Q: How do I use my gift card?

A: See complete instructions on our Gift Card page.

Q: Are you compatible with the latest version of Windows or MacOS?

A: Yes. We always are compatible with the latest OS, even if some web pages are outdated.

Q: Can I install on more than one computer?

A: Yes. Your Embrilliance license is for as many computers as you own and you can even mix Mac and Windows.

Q: What hardware specs are required for a computer to run Embrilliance?

A: Embrilliance prides itself on running well without expensive specialty computers. Provided you have a full desktop operating system like Windows or MacOS and a remotely recent computer, you aren’t likely to have any trouble running Embrilliance. You can read more about compatibility in our post on Computer Requirements.

Q: Can I download again?

A: Yes, use the Downloads page linked at the top of the site. You do not need a serial number to download. If your download fails, try changing settings on the anti-virus program you are using. Some need to download to a USB drive to get around security settings.

Q: I bought (whichever – AlphaTricks, Enthusiast, DRK, etc.) and it is the same program. Now what?

A: The Embrilliance Platform is one program that runs several products. Use the menu ‘Help->Serial Numbers…’ to add your new serial number. Type it in and click ‘Set’. If you have more than one, repeat as needed. Restart the program (not the computer). Video: How to Add a New Program to the Embrilliance Platform

Q: When I check the file-type boxes in Thumbnailer and accept them, nothing else happens. What am I missing?

A: It is not supposed to ‘do’ anything else- the thumbnails will appear automatically. You are done with the work; now the fun begins. Open a folder with designs using your computer’s OS: Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. Don’t double-click on any files unless you have software to open them – Thumbnailer does not ‘Open’ files. Because pictures in emails sometimes show up in unexpected places, and a picture is worth a thousand words, please look at our forum. There we have set up a simple step-by-step with some screen shots.

Q: Can we get a comparison chart for the programs?

A: Not really. The products all do their own thing and really don’t overlap. For example, Enthusiast does not do what Essentials does. Another example: StitchArtist is not a combination of titles: it is a design creation tool. (although SA does have levels which are compared on the SA page.)

Q: Can I use PayPal?

A: No. We had a very bad experience with them and feel completely exposed as a vendor with a lack of security and protection. There are plenty of our resellers who do accept it though.

Q: Is your shopping site secure?

A: Yes, it is secure. Our server never sees credit card data – it goes straight to the processor securely. We take massive steps to ensure the security of our site, including daily scans for malware by multiple 3rd parties, and we have a fully managed server in a protected facility.

Q: How can I make my own .BX files?

A: If you are a professional digitizer currently selling stitch-file based fonts, we’d love to hear from you. We have a free tool based on our AlphaTricks product for you and your customers will love having the ease of use that the .BX installer provides for fonts. Just send in all the normal business contact information so we can get started helping you join the fastest-growing movement in the embroidery world.

If you want to create high-value, scalable, object-based BX fonts, all users of our StitchArtist 3 digitizing software now have free tools to create and publish their own object-based fonts with BX installers. We are more than happy to help you learn how to make these sought-after fonts for your customers if you contact us.

If you are a collector of lettering embroidery designs and want to use those design sets as easily as typing, please see our AlphaTricks product pages and videos – you will love it. Check out: Websites where BX files are distributed and Video on how to add and use BX files.

Q: Is there a free trial?

A: We have a non-saving Demo version, and for .BX-installed font owners you can download the Embrilliance platform and run it without a serial number for free. We call that Express Mode.

Q: I am selling my machine and accessories. Can I transfer Embrilliance titles?

A: You must let us know the serial numbers involved so we can deactivate them, and we’ll provide the new owner a new set of serials. We do this as a free service.

Q: Can I get a copy of the manual?

A: There are PDF files linked on the same page as the program downloads.

Q: Do you have any videos?

A: Hours worth!

Q: My computer crashed, can you help?

A: Yes. Please use the Contact Us and we’ll look up your registration and/or purchase to find your serial number. You can then use the Downloads link at the top of the site to get the current version of your product, and you’ll be up and running in no time. We’ve all been through it, and understand the frustration. We try to help make the recovery process a bit easier.

Q: I just got a new computer.  How do I get my fonts (and other libraries) into my new computer?

A: Install the latest version of the Embrilliance platform onto your new computer and add your serial numbers.  We have added a function in the Edit menu called Open Library Folder that brings you to the location of your installed program data.  You will need to copy the contents of these folders from your old computer to your new computer using a USB thumb drive or a cloud drive.  Tech Support can send your step by step written instructions and you can watch this video to see this process in action.

Q: I have Essentials (or any platform title) and my (threads/fonts) have gone missing! What do I do?

A: This can happen when you switch User Accounts on the computer. Or when Windows updates, things can change. Usually, reinstalling while logged in with the correct user account will add those files back. If you had a ton of imported fonts/threads/etc. you can locate the old documents folder and copy the Embrilliance folder over to the new one.

Q: I lost my (hoop/grid/properties view)! How can I get it back?

A: There is a menu ‘View’ to allow you to show and hide things in the platform. If it all seems messy, use the menu ‘View->Windows and Toolbars->Reset Windows and Toolbars’.
Check out this Video explaining the View menu.

Q: My properties window is small. How can I expand it?

A: There are gray lines that separate views in all computer programs and these are called ‘Splitters’. You hover your mouse over the splitter and when you see the cursor change, drag the splitter so that you can see more of the window.

Q: May colors always come in wacky! How do I see the right colors?

A: Most embroidery formats do not support color, or support only a limited set of colors. In short, you cannot colorize a file perfectly in some formats like .jef and not at all in .dst or .exp. That’s why you save in the working file (.be) which can save your colors. When you buy things from commercial sources like they are often not colorized files. You have to colorize them if you want to see accurate colors on screen.

Q: I’m a bit of a noob and need hand-holding. What do I do?

A: Join one of the groups. There are people there who love to help with things we cannot such as computer skills basics and general understanding of your machine and embroidery. These topics are not small, and it can be intimidating when someone is just starting out. There are some very nice user groups on Facebook such as the Embrilliance Facebook page, ‘Brilliant Embrilliance Embroidery‘ and ‘StitchArtist Digitizing Fans‘. We encourage you to join those. Simply ask to join, as the lists are “closed” to help keep irrelevant advertising out.