Welcome to our beginner’s page where we link some information by topic to help you get started with Embrilliance.

Basics of Embroidery Software

Links the Basics of Embroidery Software educational page.For a real basic understanding of embroidery software, check out the Embroidery Software Basics page which covers the simplest concepts and helps you understand what these products are about.

Embrilliance Product Selection

Links to the Machine Embroidery Software Selection page for Embrilliance Embroidery Software

Look over our Product Selection Guide to help identify what’s best for you. Inside is a description of what each product does and the types of projects you might use them on.


A Guided Tour of Embroidery

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Embroidery  is a longer read that introduces a large gamut of machine embroidery concepts and helps you get your first designs run.

If you’re new to it all, take some time to go step by step through the guide, from your first stitchout to playing with stabilizer, toppings, stacked applique and more.