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FAQ for Designer’s Gallery Owners

Some folks just want the short and sweet, so we’ll try to keep to that.

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Posted 1 month ago.

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Embrilliance and Designer’s Gallery Platforms Combined!


After nearly 20 years to the day, the folks at Baby Lock have retired the Designer’s Gallery (DG) brand that we started together. It’s a sad thing, but not necessarily a bad thing. You see, DG was sold only in the US. Embrilliance was created to be a global brand, which it has become, and consequently has many times the number of users. We’re happy to welcome you to the Embrilliance family.

It might even be said that the success of Embrilliance has led to this decision by Baby Lock with regard to Designer’s Gallery, as the parent company sells both brands to sewing machine retailers. We’ve been talking about this with Baby Lock for some time: This is not a sudden thing, and we have been preparing for it. Had it been our call, we might have handled this differently, but it was not our place to comment publicly on it. In fact, this news wasn’t supposed to go out until January, but someone told someone who told a friend, etc.

Never fear, though, because we’re here to help! You will have software and support. Continue Reading…

Posted 1 month ago.

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The Origin of Designer’s Gallery

There seems to be some confusion about Designer’s Gallery (DG), its owner and origins. If you’re interested at all, keep reading. Continue Reading…

Posted 1 month, 1 week ago.

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Freestanding Lace Poinsettia – Concept to Creation

The calendar said National Poinsettia Day is December 12th, and that got me sketching. The concept drawing sat on my desk for about a week before Thanksgiving this year. The night before buried us in snow, and it kept coming well into the late morning. It lightened up for a bit, so we went out to play. It was then that we made the little introduction video. That video locked me in: It was on Thanksgiving, so the design had to go out within a day or so. Fortunately, the weather kept us mostly indoors anyway. (Except to shovel the driveway, of course!) Continue Reading…

Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago.

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Font Collection 1 Updated to Native-Object .BX installer

Hello, Font Fans,

As with the original 12 Essentials fonts, we’ve updated the Font Collection 1 fonts to be StitchArtist-native objects, which means that you can now convert lettering to objects if you have StitchArtist. Continue Reading…

Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago.

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Catalina Upgrade Woes

Hi, Everyone, Brian here.

We have spent a week researching problems that some (many or most) Quicklook users, including Thumbnailer, are experiencing when they upgrade their Mac from Mojave to Catalina.

What we have found is this: New Catalina installs and new Macs do NOT have a problem. This is a problem with Apple’s Catalina Upgrade.

The problem affects ALL QUICKLOOK PLUGINS ON MAC. Other developers have reported it to Apple as well.

Apple knows about it. Continue Reading…

Posted 3 months ago.

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Apple ‘Notarization’ for Catalina


Today is the official release of MacOS ‘Catalina.’ Apple has a new requirement for apps which is called, “Notarization.” Continue Reading…

Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago.

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MacOS ‘Catalina’ Full Disk Access

With Catalina, Apple has begun to enforce a new security protocol on your Mac.

What this means is that you, the user, need to specifically allow individual programs to be able to access your files and folders. This includes the Embrilliance products.

On many user systems, you will be prompted to allow the Embrilliance programs to have Full Disk Access or even Accessibility. Please do allow this in order for your programs to function normally.

If you do not get a prompt, and you experience a problem accessing your files, please follow these simple steps: Continue Reading…

Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago.

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Welcome to Platform Update 1.161

Hi, Folks!

Brian here. It has been a long journey getting to this update.

Mac Mojave came out, and out, and out again, as they addressed bugs there. Some of this left us chasing to keep up with a moving target.

Aside from chasing Apple, what’s new and noteworthy, you ask? Well, quite a lot, actually.

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Posted 9 months, 1 week ago.

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Embrilliance Nominated for 2 Reggie Awards!

We received some exciting news this weekend! Embrilliance was nominated for TWO Reggie awards this year!

The Reggies are an annual online award that are put out by the commercial embroidery podcasters 2 Regular Guys Podcast We are THRILLED that Embrilliance was nominated for best new product 2018 (for StitchArtist 3D foam underlay) as well as Company that provides the best customer service!

Embrilliance nominations for Reggie awards

Reggie Award Nominations

Vote HERE!

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Posted 1 year, 2 months ago.

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