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Welcome AccuQuilt GO! customers!

With cooperation from AccuQuilt we have created a set of interactive embroidery designs that work with specific Embrilliance titles: Essentials, Enthusiast and StitchArtist (all levels).

The die shapes work interactively, and we call these ‘Moddies’ as they are self-modifying designs. They can be used in many ways, with different top-stitch effects, fabric preview, single or multiple steps for applique, and even unlocked to resize and make coordinating designs.

Owners of electronic cutters, such as Scan ‘n Cut or Silhouette, Sizzix, etc. can also take advantage of the shapes using Embrilliance Essentials (sold separately) to save the position run of any applique to a cut file, as with any design. Save as .fcm, .svg, studio, etc.

And StitchArtist owners (of any level) can make use of the shapes in their own creations – add your own details to the designs!

The GO! designs install using our BX installer system. Simply unzip and double-click or drag-and-drop.

The designs do not include designer-series or licensed die shapes. A full list is provided below.

Have fun using your AccuQuilt GO! dies with the interactive designs!

Note: This is a download product only from our store.

GO! Collection 1 Moddie list:


55007 – Round Flower 55008 – Feathers 55011 – Hexagon-2

55012 – Circles 55028 – Stars 55029 – Hearts

55030 – Critters 55037 – Baby Baby 55042 – Funky Flowers

55061 – Sunbonnet Sue 55062 – Overall Sam 55064 – Puppy

55065 – Cat 55092 – Letters 55097 – Cupcake

55099 – Numbers 55324 – Birds 55325 – Queen of Hearts

55326 – Crazy Petals 55327 – Daisy 55328 – Tulip

55331 – Stems and Leaves 55332 – Flower Bunch 55333 – Go! Owl

55334 – Fun Flower 55341 – Go! Bows 55344 – Schoolhouse

55345 – Fleur De Lis 55354 – Cute Car 55355 – Awareness Ribbon

55356 – Signature Block 55367 – Train 55369 – Zoo Animals

55446 – Flower 55455 – Orange Peel


55055 – Ribbon Twist


55016 – Isosceles 55040 – Diamond 55148 – Parallelogram

55155 – Circles 55360 – Circle 8″ 55384 – Circle 6″

55420 – 12 Paper Piecing Hexagons 55422 – 1 Paper Piecing Hexagons

55462 – Big Circles 55004 – Parallelogram 55318 – Parallelogram

55000 – Rectangles 55107 – Rectangles 55006 – Square 3(1/2)”

55010 – Square 5″ 55019 – Square 4(3/4)” 55022 – Square 2″

55059 – Square 2(1/2)” 55060 – Square 4(1/2)” 55317 – Square 3(1/4)”

55106 – Square 3(11/16)”


55041 – Fall Medley 55043 – Holiday Medley 55321 – Holiday Accessories

55322 – Sleigh & Snowflakes 55323 – Pumpkins 55365 – Cat & Bat

55450 Snowflakes


55013 – Rag Square 55033 – Rag Square Sm


55035 – Baby 55038 – Lullaby 55098 – Hexagon 9

55199 – Leaping frog 55336 – Rag Flower & Circle 55358 – Ovals

55361 – Circle 8″ 55366 – Airplanes 55373 – Elephants

Note: This is a download product only from our store.

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Runs natively on your preferred platform!

  • Mac OSX 10.10 – MacOS 11.6
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (both 32 and 64 bit), and Windows 11
  • Embrilliance is the only brand in the world that offers embroidery software running native on MacOS and Windows 32 and Windows 64 (so it’s faster)!

Print Templates

Print properly sized templates and color run sheets from your embroidery designs.

Print 1:1 scale templates  with centering marks and run sheets previewing individual color stops from your embroidery designs.

Lettering Sequences

Embrilliance’s lettering tool includes built in center-out lettering sequences for stable stitching on cylindrical cap frames.

Special monogram sequences let you set which of the 3 letters will stitch in order, perfect for adding dimension, like making the last name’s initial overlap the other letters for a more prominent finish.

Sequence monograms to leave the center letter on top for dimensional treatments on overlapping letters.

Convert Lettering to Stitches

Easily convert text objects to stitch blocks with 2 clicks.

Embrilliance Essentials lets you convert lettering objects into stitch blocks with 2 clicks.

With Essentials’ Stitch Simulator, you can play back a design and stop at the stitch where you want to insert your color stop or function.

You can create striped text like this using only these simple functions.

Create Applique Cut Files

Embrilliance Essentials lets you convert the placement stitch lines from applique embroidery design stitch files into vector shapes you can cut with both home and commercial cutting machines. With a couple of clicks, applique cut files can be saved as .SVG, .PLT, .FCM (ScanNCut) and .studio (Silhouette).


Shows the Notes function in Embrilliance Essentials

Located in the Properties panel, the Notes tab lets you attach notes to specific designs inside of your working file’s design page. You’ll see your notes in the same tab the when that design is selected, and in the ‘About this Page’ option under the View menu.

Working Files

Shows the working file format allowing text to be changed in an embroidery file

When you save your embroidery in an Embrilliance Platform native BE working file, you can keep your color selections, add special notes, and change the text you’ve added to your design. With native BE files, you can save your work, alter your additions, and export to a wide range of stitch file types without losing the ability to edit what you’ve added to the design.

Modify Lettering

Shows multiple single-click text and monogram modifications you can do with Embrilliance Essentials

Embrilliance Essentials’ built-in quick styles can convert letters from any font into a stylish monogram or shaped text in an instant!

Displays Embrilliance's Text tools for Slant, Curve, and Spacing

The Slant, Curve, and Space tools allow you to reshape and style your text with simple sliders to create new treatments. You can even adjust multiple sliders on the same lettering object!

Add Lettering to Embroidery Designs

Embrilliance Essentials lets you add text to design with multiple lines of lettering and specific multiline controls.

Along with adding single words or lines of text, you can use a multi-line mode with specific controls for line spacing.

Monogram Font in Embrilliance Essentials

Under single-line text, monogram fonts properly mapped for Embrilliance automatically select the correct character for the placement in the monogram without typing special codes.

Embrilliance allows you to easily type text on a circular path.

Switch to circle text and you can type text around any circle, just set the radius to your chosen measurement and decide where the text will sit on the baseline. Circle mode also lets you wrap long lines of lettering into a spiral!

Advanced Sizing Controls

Includes Sensitivity controls to adjust for the discovery of fills and satin stitches, Gap Reduction to help reduce gaps between adjacent areas when you upscale designs, and stitch length filters to avoid overly long, loopy stitches and tiny stitches that are too closely crammed together.