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Stitch Artist Embroidery Digitizing Software Logo - Needle and Paint BrushStitchArtist is a program to create machine embroidery designs from scratch. You start using existing artwork or by ‘drawing with stitches.’ You control the shapes, set the stitch type and properties, and StitchArtist generates stitches for you. When you want to create stitches, that’s what it does.

StitchArtist embroidery digitizing software was a journey many years in the making, designed for ease-of-use and to promote embroidery digitizing education. The process of embroidery design creation, commonly called ‘embroidery digitizing’, requires a skilled person using a specialized tool. StitchArtist is that tool, created with the intention to take the difficulty out of using the software, leaving the user to concentrate on their designs and creativity.

In a radical departure from the typical embroidery digitizing interface, StitchArtist uses a single mode to draw, set stitches, size, edit, rotate, sequence and set properties of design objects. It is easy and intuitive once you know the very basics, which are described in detail in the user guide.

StitchArtist Layout showing how to create embroidery designs for quilting and a quilted bag project.

StitchArtist comes in program levels to suit users of all skill levels:

StitchArtist Level 1

We designed Level 1 for hobby embroiderers who need simple digitizing software to create stitches without going into debt or spending too much computer time. Level 1 offers a limited set of stitch types and, more importantly, properties for those stitches, so that the user can simply ‘create’ without needing to learn many steps. Level 1 includes an automated shape drawing tool to help users create simple shapes easily, from squares and rounded rectangles, circles and ovals, polygons, stars, and spirals, all which can be converted to multiple stitch types. Typical projects for Level 1 are applique designs, running stitch designs and simple filled shapes, backgrounds or unifying elements for design compositions etc.

StitchArtist Level 2

Level 2 includes all Level 1 tools and is designed for production and skills training for those who would like to create more sophisticated embroidery designs (logos), as well as a more complete set of digitizing tools. It will allow the user to learn a wide cross-section of embroidery stitch types and properties, and have enough freedom to create virtually any design. If you are looking to use satin stitches to their fullest extent, you’ll want Level 2. This level allows you to import .SVG vector art and some cutting file formats (.FCM and .studio) for use as objects. Included is our World’s-First automatic 3D Foam column underlay; this automates the process of converting any suitable satin-stitch elements into 3D Foam embroidery with a single, simple setting.

StitchArtist Level 3

Level 3 includes Level 1 and Level 2 tools. We crafted it for those who either love to create designs or are digitizers working commercially in the machine embroidery field. This level includes advanced items such as Styles, QuickStyles, an Eyelet tool, Carving lines, graphical operators such as Cut, AND, Union, Flatten, Inflate/Deflate, Re-construct and Break. Along with exciting additional stitch types such as our faux-merrow patch-making Edge tool, StitchArtist 3 also allows for the content within the product to be expanded by publishing Motifs and Embossed effects. Additional controls are available to work in your preferred method. The properties for each stitch type are fully revealed and operations for vector support, including export, are added. With level 3, you can draw .svg and cutting machine designs directly. It offers branching of all object types including sub-branches that don’t need to touch. There’s even a tool to automatically outline existing design stitches, making for easy borders on existing stitch-file elements. The inclusion of advanced lettering tools makes it easy to create custom enveloping, baselines of any shape, and templates to automate name-drops. For digitizers who need to create custom fonts for their embroidery clients or those that want to publish fonts for their fellow StitchArtist users, level 3 includes object-based, scalable font publishing using our world-renowned BX installer format, complete with rights management built in, all at no additional cost.

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Tell me more about StitchArtist…

StitchArtist is not a photo-to-stitch tool, nor is it an autodigitizing program. The success of those types of tools is subjective and many have attempted to include automatic digitizing with varied results. When we find a process that meets our standards, we’ll produce it. In the meantime, we put our effort into straightforward design creation software. Whether you want to make designs for hobby, cottage industry or professional use, StitchArtist is for you.  We designed this product for simplicity and instruction from the ground up to serve those who really want to learn how to digitize.

It is not a customizing tool (used to manipulate existing designs.) It does not contain Essentials or Enthusiast, although it does run within the Embrilliance Platform, integrating all your customizing and creation tools seamlessly in one window if you run multiple Embrilliance programs.  Even so, you can use StitchArtist by itself as desired; it does not rely on any other purchased product, nor is it an upgrade of any other product.

How do you use StitchArtist?

Most users will begin by importing a background image containing artwork they want to embroider. The user will then create ‘objects’; shapes that will be stitched, over the artwork, using it as a guide. The user  decides the shapes, sets their order, and assigns their stitch properties. Those familiar with any modern drawing tool will feel comfortable with StitchArtist as it uses a Bezier model of shaping.

When assigning stitches to shapes, you have freedom to change your mind at any time. You can assign any shape  a new stitch type as easily as clicking a button.

This image shows the tool pane for StitchArtist Level 3, including the automatic shapes tool and all graphical operators

Easier Editing and Creation

Creating designs requires a great deal of editing shapes.  StitchArtist has features that make object creation and editing easy:

  1. Stitch generation is instant and automatic.
  2. No mode changes for selection, editing, coloring, moving, sizing, rotating or adjusting properties.
  3. You can work in any number of display modes. You aren’t locked to a specific mode during any process.
  4. Simple geometric shapes are easily created and altered with the automated shape tool.
  5. Perfect curves are 3 clicks away with the 3 point arc tool.
  6. Users unfamiliar with Bezier curves can use a simulated spline system which is easier to learn and teach; helpful especially in early instruction.

StitchArtist Shapes Tool

Tablet / Wacom / Surface input

Works seamlessly with tablets and pen displays of all types, including Mac Sidecar. Our team uses them constantly – we don’t even think about it anymore. If you’re a graphic artist used to using these tools, you’ll find StitchArtist to be very accommodating.

Included Stitch Types by Level

Stitch Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Line (no stitches) X X X
Manual X X X
Run (7 styles) X X X
Fill X X X
Satin Border X X X
Satin Column (auto-incline) X X X
Applique X X X
Stipple X X X
Motif Run X X X
Motif Fill X X X
Cross Stitch X X X
Freestanding Background X X X
Satin Column (inclines) X X
Candlewicking, French Knot X X
Contour (echo) 3 styles X X
Satin Contour X X
Satin Freestanding X X
Satin 3D Foam Auto-Underlay X X
Fringe X X
3, 5 Pass Whip X X
Curved Fill/Curved Motif Fill (User-drawn curve) X X
Gradient Fill (& curved mode) X X
Feathered Fill (& curved mode) X X
Fill Embossing X X
Motif Run (gradient) X X
Eyelets, Single and Run X
User-defined Motifs X
User-defined Embossing X
Carving Lines X
Break lines X
Patch Edge (Faux Merrow) X

Stitch Creation Methods / Properties by Level:

Tool/Method Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Magic Wand w/ sensitivity control (live)
Spline/Bezier property
Control tie in/out on all objects
Control underlay
Applique fabric simulation
Save cut-files; SVG, Silhouette, Scan ‘n Cut
Save design image
Use TrueType as art
Adjust Entry / Exit
Auto Entry / Exit
Auto sequencing
Auto sequence by color
Color Sort (Native Objects)
Project Advisor
Designer 1 Disk Utility
Thread/Palette creator
Multiple Designs per page
Bezier input
Column inputs A/B, L/R
Continuous visualizer
Sequence Mode
Quick Styles
Magic Wand for Line Areas
Auto-Outline Stitches
Inflate / Deflate
Reconstruct Outlines
Path Operations: CUT
Path Operations: AND
Path Operations: UNION
Path Operations: Flatten
Branching with subpaths
Import .EMF/.WMF and some .ai files
Export as vector: .svg, .studio, .fcm
Delayed Generation
Settable default point input
Toggle Auto-Scroll

Stitch Object Properties

To give you a sample of the comprehensive properties you can use with stitch objects, here are some examples, all available in StitchArtist Level 1 unless noted.

Run Stitch Styles:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Bean (up to 9 passes)
  • Chain
  • Backstitch (up to 5 passes)
  • Stemstitch (adjustable width, angle)
  • Sashiko

StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software Run Stitch Type and Settings Menu with Examples of Chain, Run, Backstitch, and Sashiko stitch types.

Satin stitch properties:

  • Density
  • Patterns (18)

With additional controls for in-pattern Stitch Length, Edge Pad (margin without stitch penetrations from the edge of the satin column), and turning off the pattern or selecting mid-column anchor stitches on the Reverse stitch.

  • Fringe (Level 2+)

Creates a cut fringe that holds firmly without topstitching

  • Contour (Level 2+)

Two styles: constant density or fixed line count

  • 3 and 5 Pass Whip

Creates multiple passes over every other stitch on a satin stitch pass to create a homespun thick-thread/floss look with standard threads.

  • Foam

Automatically sets proper densities and short stitching settings, as well as turning on special underlay for 3D foam (puffy foam) on satin-stitch objects.

  • Split Satin Stitches

Number of splits (1-5), Max stitch length, Reverse stitch control

  • Feathering / Jagged Edges

Inside and Outside, Left and Right independent control

  • Pull Compensation

Minimum, Percent, Maximum

  • Gradient

Four styles with density adjust

  • Underlay

Edge Run, Parallel, Zig-zag. With control of length, inset and density.

3D Foam Underlay (Level 2+) automatically adds cutting stitches to ends with caps and joins and includes push compensation for proper cap extension.

  • Freestanding (Level 2+) for Richelieu bars, etc.

Satin Border

  • Pattern
  • Split
  • Feather
  • Applique
  • Line styles

Satin or Steil stitch properties in StitchArtist embroidery digitizing software

Advanced Text Tools

  • Envelope creation and editing

  • Fixed baselines at any angle or with any shape

  • Name drops at any angle and alignment for template creation

Applique and our included exclusive: Appliqadabra

  • E-Stitch, Blanket stitch, Satin
  • Full control over use of Position and Material
  • Simulated Fabric fill
  • Appliqadabra  – lets you use a photo fill, with cropped printing for mixed media
  • Color styles including PES traditional, User-defined and Keep Color for multi-needle machines.
  • Cut-file saving for Silhouette, Scan ‘n Cut, SVG

Applique properties showing a satin stitch and estitch border as well as applique fabric preview in StitchArtist


  • Four styles with adjustable spacing and stitch length
  • Can be converted to a Run, and then a Motif Run for virtually unlimited possibilities.

Motif Run / Fill

  • Combine motifs in a sequence for your own pattern
  • Full control over each motif size, rotation, mirror
  • Satin motifs included
  • Candlewick motifs included
  • Scale on line (level 2) for a dramatic decorative effect

Motif Stitch properties in StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software

Freestanding background

  • Can be used to make lace designs
  • Can be used under other objects for freestanding support
  • Single-run style for creating even grids for a quilted look on linings, etc.

FreeStanding lace objects and properties in StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software showing a lace heart embroidery design

Cross Stitch

  • Open and closed paths supported
  • Fixed grid so adjacent objects can align

Contour Tool (level 2, 3)

  • Three styles: Echo outline inward, Echo interior clipped, Echo outline outward
  • Offset and gradient control

Branching (level 3)

  • Connect any object types
  • Can create subpaths: Objects do not have to touch.

Scalable, Object-Based Font Creation (level 3)

  • Creates and publishes complete, keyboard-ready native fonts for use with all Embrilliance Platform products
  • Publishes either privately (only to the host system) or to a BX installation file for distribution and installation by any Embrilliance Platform user.
  • Allows digitizers to embed copyright information, website information, and usage guidelines.
  • Allows digitizers to control publishing and editing rights for shapes in their published fonts.

Custom Font Publishing showing a typeface and the publishing tools

Patch Creation ‘Edge’ Tool

    • Create faux Merrow-edged patches from a single line object
    • Use multiple methods to create the body of the emblem
      • Pre-cut Patch Fabric
      • Hand-Cut Fabric Method
      • Freestanding Fill using only thread

Also Included:

  • Over 200 outlines added to the library which can be used in your design.
  • Over 150 Motifs for run and fill
  • Over 50 Emboss patterns
  • Over 15 Fill Patterns

Read the manual

There is a PDF and online help of the manual for the Embrilliance Platform, which includes a lengthy StitchArtist volume. You can find the links at:


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 Sample Images

Level 1 shown

StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software diagram showing applique objects true type font handling and column fills on text.
StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software diagram showing motif fill stitch settings, patterned fill stitch use, and background images.
StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software S diagram featuring the applique style and a '5 more sleeps' design shwoing the way StitchArtist handles jump stitches.

Level 2 shown:

StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software Continuous View example for repeated embroidery designs
StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software shoing gradient fills, freestanding lace tools, and graduated french knots
StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software Showing the Magic Wand tool for creating outlines from graphics.
StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Software showing an applique design with stippling and shape libraries.

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