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Embrilliance Thumbnailer

The Embrilliance Thumbnailer provides an easy way for you to view embroidery designs and electronic cutting files on your Mac and PC.
Mac users may know this technology as a Quick Look Plugin.

If you’ve been downloading or buying embroidery designs, you need the Thumbnailer.

It’s this simple; You can now view designs in your Explorer (PC), Finder or Cover Flow (Mac).

You can also view designs in the Finder Preview:

Designs in the Finder are drawn with a realistic 3D view:

And you control the design formats you want to see using a preference pane:

ETControlPanelHere’s what you could see in Windows:


The Windows version of Thumbnailer even works with .svg and cutting files:

.fcm (Brother Scan ‘n Cut), .studio (Silhouette Studio) and .scut4 (Sizzix eClips)!

(Mac shows .svg natively)

This program is a World’s First!

  • It contains the World’s First Mac and PC Identical embroidery product, released at the same time!
  • It is the World’s First embroidery product that has a 64-bit Windows version.
  • It is the World’s First embroidery product that supports Mac OSX, Windows XP(32bit SP2), Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32&64 bit)
  • Thumbnailer works on Intel Macs using OSX 10.5 and above (up to El Capitan as of this writing).
  • Run on as many computers as you own – even mix and match Mac and Windows.

Now for those of you who also have Windows-based machines, or run with Parallels so that you can get to your other embroidery software, we also include the Windows version of the Embrilliance Thumbnailer too!

-- A Random Happy Thought --

"Thank you very much, I love the product!!"
From Jeanne H
Regarding Thumbnailer