Santa’s sleigh is a fun, but larger, design. it can be made with varying widths and styles.

Everyone knows that Santa’s reindeer are working animals – at least one night a year! And they would feel bad coming to your home without their sleigh. So here it is! The sleigh has options for the look of the side panels, and the sleighbed can vary its width for the purpose of accommodating various shelf spaces and functions.

Here is the control panel for the sleigh:

Here, you’ll see the design for the sleigh bed. The two extra buttons go toward the front, and act as a points to tie onto – perhaps hitching the reindeer with some ribbon.

To assemble your sleigh, stitch out a right side, a left side and a sleigh bed. Then button the sleigh bed into the sides. You will probably want to stiffen the sleigh and strengthen the side panels. Start by flattening everything out, once rinsed.

Normally we would prefer to use colorful or metallic pipe cleaners, but due to the COVID19 pandemic we were unable to obtain them.

Bend some wire or pipe cleaners to shape, and hot-glue in.

Sometimes you will need to push the ‘buttons’ through the buttonholes with tweezers or similar.

You can see we added a number of pipe cleaners for strength.