Gift Card Balance

Check your gift card balance here:

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Gift Card code

How to use your Gift Card

Email Gift Card

Your have likely received an email featuring the card as shown below.

The button at the bottom of the gift card email is a direct link back to the store which will directly apply the gift card to your immediately following purchase. You’ll see the following confirmation under the store header after clicking the link.

Manually Entering the Code

If you do not use the link to access the site or received a printed gift card, you can apply your gift card at checkout. Simply click the link at the top of the checkout page as shown below to enter the code provided in the email. On clicking the ‘Have a Gift Card’ link, you’ll be able to enter your 16 digit gift card code in the box as seen below. Once the ‘Apply Gift Card’ button is clicked, the gift card amount will be applied to your order.

Applying to an Account

Recipients with an existing account on the Embrilliance website can add Gift Cards to their account for future use. On clicking the ‘My Account’ link in the top menu, you will see Gift Card option in the account menu as shown.

You can click the ‘Add New’ button to apply a gift card to your account for future use. Upon entering the gift card, you’ll be able to see the balance and whether or not a gift card has been used, as well as be able to apply the card to a current purchase.

Users with gift cards attached to their accounts will need to go to the account screen and apply the cards from this list or use the code during the checkout process as mentioned in the earlier section on manually entering gift cards.