Welcome to Embrilliance Express!

This is the place to download the Embrilliance Platform that allows you to use the free Embrilliance Express mode. Express mode allows you to type words/names using .BX fonts and to open and save .BE files into machine formats.

Mac OSX: Embrilliance Platform Mac (.pkg)

Download/View the manual: Mac Manual PDF

 View the Help Online: Mac Help

Windows: Embrilliance Platform Windows (.zip)

If you can’t unzip, use this link: Embrilliance Platform (.exe)

Download/View the manual: Windows manual PDF

View the Help Online: Windows Help

Learn More about Express

Check out our Embrilliance Express FAQ to learn how to install and use Express, install BX fonts, and open BE files.

Other files are available on our downloads page.

Learn More!  Visit the Store.   Click here for a Demonstration Version.

 Thanks for downloading!